President’s Report:  Dennis Stewart, the UAW Local 893 President—Marshalltown.

 Now, that was a close one!  I don’t know about you, but I feel very fortunate to have dodged the most recent terrorist attack on my beloved country. This attack was staged against our sitting President, his ideals, and a democratically elected governing body. This wasn't brought on by Al Queda, the Taliban, or any other foreign entity. It was, in fact, perpetrated by a group of ultra-right wing nut bags here in our own country called Tea Partiers.

 I am fully aware that these embiciles (btw the correct spelling is imbeciles…ironic)  are duly elected officials. I doubt, however, if most of their constituents sent them to Washington to shut down the government and put the worlds' economy at risk. And, like any decent terrorist, they have their followers who would trail behind like lemmings no matter how disastrous the end would be.

 The really scary part is there are 144 of these goofballs in the House and 18 in the Senate who are so myopically focused on destroying President Obama and the Affordable Care Act that no cost is too great for them. They would knowingly and willingly orchestrate a scheme that could result in total economic collapse. As I see it, putting our jobs, our retirement, our children's future, and even their, own party in danger is far closer to terrorism than it is to responsible leadership. Every one of these half- wits should have their faces plastered on America's Most Wanted posters I would have them brought up on charges of sabotage, extortion bribery, treason, and stupidity! Oh, wait a minute, that last one is riot illegal. Furthermore, while tar and feathering seems a bit barbaric, it is mild compared to other thoughts I'm having regarding appropriate punishment. I would offer some Sort of public humility but they've

 I accepted, a very long time ago, that like the common cold there is no cure for "common stupidity". I also realize that  in every facet of life they do indeed walk among us.

 I am thankful for leadership that refuses to succumb to being held hostage. The United States should not negotiate with any terrorist, foreign or domestic. I hope now everyone goes beak to, as we like to do in the UAW, good faith bargaining. 


Editor’s Note:   another irony… a bunch of unions have asked for waivers and exemptions from Obamacare.  Including the UAW.


Hi, I am Todd Schiebel and I have been a UAW member for 18 years. I am writing this letter because it seems to me that there has been a loss of perspective in our local union. It seems that many get caught up in the emotion of the rhetoric of those who are politically charged. My family, most of my close friends, many I know at Church and I have pretty much the same values and beliefs that I do. I'm a Bible College graduate. I teach and serve at New Hope Christian Church here in town. I am an honest and hard-working individual who lives a conservative life. Why am I telling you this you are probably asking yourself? (I would be). Here's the problem I have and it's a BIG one. I have never been a Democrat and I rarely agree with the political issues that the UAW stands on. What I have always done is pay my union dues and have been a no problem employee. Oh yeah, and most of the time I've kept my mouth shut and tried not to rock the boat. But that's all 'oing to change now and here's why.

Dennis Stewart, the UAW Local 893 president, made some outrageous statements in the most recent Rank-N-File paper (Volume 43 Number 9) in the President's Report. I see that I am a terrorist who has attacked our country. I guess that I am an "ultra rightwing nut bag".  It seems that at least Dennis Stewart believes that people like me, well, here's what he said," Every one of those halfwits should have their faces plastered on America's most wanted posters. I would have them brought up on charges of sabotage, extortion, bribery, treason, and stupidity!" He continued with other inflammatory statements. Wow, I never would've guessed when I look in the mirror that I was all those things. The Tea Party stands for three core issues. They are fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and free market economics. Of course those ideas draw a lot of conservative minded people who also believe in right to life and the freedom to worship God without persecution. Does that sound like terrorism to you? Sounds to me like the kind of ideas that has made America great.

It appears that Dennis thinks he has the right to slander anyone that doesn't believe what he does. It's funny, not ha ha funny but ironic, how someone in the role of leadership can get away with promoting their extreme hate filled ideas. It seems that tolerance is one-sided. Some say that I just need to be tolerant of the rhetoric that is in the report. But tolerance used to go both ways and those who know me know that by me being a union member all these years that I have been more than tolerant.

I am not a member of the Tea Party, yet. But my views do lineup with theirs. So for 18 years I have kept my mouth shut (for the most part). I have done my job to the best of my abilities, and will continue to do so. I am hired by Fisher Controls to do a job. My paycheck does not say UAW on it. My paycheck comes from Fisher Controls. Today is Saturday, October 26 and today I am getting out of the boat (even though I can't swim). I AM DONE! I will no longer be a UAW member. I have tolerated, ignored, and put up with all of the conservative bashing and extremist rhetoric that I'm going to take. The Union does not remotely represent what I believe! So if that makes me intolerant, then so be it.

There are a lot of people here at Fisher Controls and my guess is that there are more people like me who are tired of this kind of talk and the ideas that are being promoted by this union.

Well that's it for now! Maybe the pen is mightier than the sword. (I just cut myself). I am not a scab (well I do have one on my arm) but I am an American that has made a choice in a still free country. At least we don't have a monarchy yet.

Sincerely in the spirit of American Freedom,

Todd A. Schiebel


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