Friday May 23 2008




Ruth Lycke just back from China  talks about the devastation of the earthquake and gives us a progress report on her mission to aid stroke victims.   Here's that gas price estimator for your next trip.   Then,  the Portland Obama rally  includes the music group the  Decemberists,  a group which usually opens their concerts with the Soviet National Anthem.   

 (editor's note.   There are conflicting reports on whether or not the Decemberists opened the rally with their signature Soviet National Anthem.   I'm still not certain even after more research...although it appears unlikely they did.   It is likely they purged their signature open.)  

Then,   a systems engineer from Rockwell-Colllins gets fired for resisting the company's mandatory diversity training which requires employees to "accept, celebrate and embrace homosexuality".  Tom Meeker  and his attorney, Bill Kurth,  an Iowa-based Rutherford Institute attorney with the rest of the story. 

It's just a matter of time until "Don't ask,  don't tell"  applies to Christians in the work force.

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