When will Senator Harkin apologize for enslaving Iowans? 

I see that while I was gone on vacation, the political parasite class has again tried to push the guilt gland with yet another apology for slavery….even though some 140 years have passed since illegal slavery was banned by Constitutional amendment, bought with the price of hundreds of thousands of lives in an unholy war…and the destruction of our form of government…a constitutional republic.

The same bottom feeders which always thrive by cultural conflict are at it again.   Sen. Harkin and other likely suspects have issued yet another apology for long gone offenses to a generation which has no victims of slavery…merely recipients of the blessings of liberty and other people’s money.

In the slight chance that I could be wrong, I think I’ll take Harkin’s apology seriously…and apply it consistently and maliciously.

Slavery and involuntary servitude…that is, compelled labor or service in the behalf of somebody else…was regulated by the Thirteenth Amendment..       Does the Constitution make it all illegal?   No…the 13th  Amendment declares it illegal to enslave or compel service out of anybody but criminals.   Be certain.  The ONLY person who can be legally indentured to another is a criminal impressed into service for the restitution of his victims.

Do you see any other person or class listed by the Constitution who can be legally impressed into the service of others?   No!

Therefore,  to be compelled to pay the bills of someone else is slavery..  So, if an apology for slavery is going to be issued by Harkin and other cultural Marxists,  for past illegal slavery, then we should also extend it to a bunch more people.

If we are going to apologize to victims of slavery, we’ll have to apologize to everyone who has been forced to contribute to Social Security….people, who have been robbed of the time value of their own productivity to   fund a government Ponzi scheme which robs one generation for the benefit of another.

Now, the system has become unsustainable as fewer and fewer pay more and more to keep the scam going.

Let’s also remember to apologize to the people paying for Medicare and Medicaid…or the I-Hawk scam…people forced to pay other people’s bills or ELSE…are owed an apology.

Taxpayers are owed an apology for being indentured to the parents of the illegitimate children of dead beat dads who donate their sperm to women to whom they are not married which bear children they cannot support and pass on the cost to everyone else…

We, the bill-paying slaves,  in service of the profligate are owed an apology for our slavery,  and servitude to the welfare state.

The taxpayers are owed an apology for being impressed into the service of illegals, paying their medical costs, educating their children, cleaning up their messes and funding their social costs of people who are not here legally and the scumbags who hire them while paying a sub-Iowa wage…from them, we are owed an apology.

This apology list is nearly endless…as our political class has embraced nearly every silly notion,  every lawless act, every moral claim…of every aggrieved class…anyone who can afford to pay a tax-supported professional whiner to complain at a high level…to keep the money tree shaken….to enslave the decent in behalf of the law breaker…to impress the productive into the service of the unproductive…to enslave the moral into the service of the immoral lout….the responsible into the service of the moral vagabond...to compel the Godly into the service of the infidel…

We have been handed an Adams Family culture, where our values have been turned upside down…where foul has been converted to fair.

There isn’t a single institution in our pagan welfare state which is functioning.  Our law system is broken, our education system is busted, our health care system corrupt and unsustainable…our economy debt ridden,  our currency devalued…our war making un-Constitutional foreign policy, our nation-building empire in the name of pagan democracy…a false religion  which has enslaved us just as it did ancient Israel..

Never in human history has a Godly free people been conquered, enslaved and debauched as thoroughly and quickly as our own…and the worst part of it is?   We have forged our own chains and willingly put on the manacles of our own servitude.

When pagans took over our schools, we just smiled and said,  “OK,  as long as we have a winning football team.”

When pagan took over the courts and told us,  “We,  the courts,  have final say”,  we just sighed,  “Well,  I guess that’s right”

When pagans took over control of our jobs and exported them,   we said,   “Well we have to have free trade”

When pagans took over our energy resources and told us we can’t develop them cuz it might make Mother Earth mad,  we just said,  “Well we’ll just have to pay more”

When our political class takes our son’s and daughter’s to war to bring democracy to Islam so we can maintain our dependence on Islamic oil,  cuz we won’t develop our own resources,  we just chanted,  “Well,  I guess that’s the price of freedom”…

When the accumulated wealth of generations is stolen by the money changers running a government-sponsored counterfeiting ring we say,  “I hope the stimulus check comes in today’s mail”

We are definitely owed an apology for slavery…our own.

By the political class which builds casinos and calls it economic development…which builds  tax funded arenas for circuses (or hockey…same thing) which the tax-strapped public was neither interested in to begin with,  nor could any longer afford to attend.

By the political class, which feeds upon our servitude and maintains its power by buying votes of the recipient class with our own money..

By we ourselves, for assenting every link in our own chains,  by neglecting our freedom…assent to servitude by our own neglect…an apology is required for our own complicity in our own slavery.

So, Senator Harkin… your feeble apology to people no longer here to receive it is just empty political rhetoric.    I’ll await a more substantial one with great interest.

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