James Graham writes about the Kennedy's affection for sailing, Victura.  Sunday book signing at Beaverdale Books at 2pm.  Tie softball games, outrageous.  Then a scam phone call from the IRS.   A man runs down a bald eagle with his boat.  And an Iowa cop, shooting instructor shoot himself.  And PETA wants to build a 10 foot tall memorial for turkeys killed in a truck accident.  

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 The US Senate Family Forum is coming up April 25th.  Bob Vander Platts.  The Chinese are stealing from Iowa seed companies.  A big legal yawn?  Steve King has earned Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's ire.  What's up with that?  And we have to pay the money losing business of dog racing to go away.  

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General James Jones wants the political class to move on the Keystone XL Pipeline.   Now!   Dr. Lee Hieb follows up on a listener question.  Then, Rev. Mike Demastus (alias Debbie Downer) offers second thoughts on the "Heaven is For Real" book and movies.  Iowans are really into it.

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Elaine Marie Cooper is a great story teller...Fields of the Fatherless.  Simon Estes had a great speech at the Annual Iowa Prayer Breakfast.  He had a great message of forgiveness and love. Then, Diane Kautsky, Woodard Hearing has an upcoming expo...April 30th,  keeping what ya got.

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 Dr. Lee Hieb is running for Iowa Governor as a Libertarian.  Great conversation.  Dr. Gary Pusillo is an Iowa Forensic Pathologist who is explaining the PED pig loss.  Hugh.  Then, John Stewart is an apologist who explains the truth of Easter.

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Another crack at the dyslexia and autism issue...Judy Hintz has more insight.  Bloomberg is on the fast track to heaven...what does that mean for the rest of us?  James Rickards reports on The Death of Money.  What happens if the US Dollar loses its reserve currency status?  Rep. Kevin Koester takes the "hush" out of the money.  Politics and Money.

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Ken Blackwell says we have to fix Fannie and Freddie.   Joel Kurtinitis says a couple of candidates bailed on the Grandview US Senate forum for no good reason.  Danny Carroll is trying to calm the waters.  And it's illegal in Iowa under 14 to fire handguns.   Parents are wonder why they can't while under their supervision.

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Iowans talk about the DNR making an ash of a guy's collectible Pontiac convertible.  And how to avoid crating a flat spot on infant's heads.  And a reconsideration of the Nevada's BLM cattle rustlers or freeloader ranchers, depending upon your ideology.  

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 Steven Kennedy plays classic guitar...very well.  The Iowa Classic Guitar Society--upcoming concerts.   Then,  JD King has a new documentary movie: Blue.  Blue vs Green.  How the Greenies have put our economy into the Red.   Tom Hoefling is primarying Governor Branstad.  Issues.

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Secularity is coming to Iowa. Saturday.   Then should Veishea be permanently dropped?    "No Way", say Iowans.

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