Fred Heads describe their malady.   Paul Smith and Richard Rios are volunteers.  Then, another ISU professor attacks faith symbols...this time Warren Blumenfeld is shocked to find a cross in a chapel.    Plus lots openline.

 Video note!   After some debate,  here's the re-posting of Thursday's intense exchange with Gov Mitt Romney. 

A technical note... All of the in-studio presidential interviews are video taped for later webcasting.   Normally, as in this case,  they are shot with two fixed cameras by the webcaster.  He and the cameras are highly visible. The cameras are mounted on tripods just a few feet from the guest and host.   Most of the time the interviews are mixed down for time and composition,  as in the recent Senator John McCain interview.   In this case the complete one camera feed was posted so no later issues of "editing" could be raised.   (and because Mickelson looks crappy on camera...  ed. note)


 Jan Mickelson here.. .  thanks for the feedback....   here's some of my own.  


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