Gerald Celente editor of Trends Journal says we're in deep shinola.  Deeper than ever.  Congressman Steve King talks issues.  Iowans have opinions.

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Responding to a caller who said people are unemployed because they are lazy.

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 Yes, I'm sure poor people, old people, young diseased/disfigured/disabled people, etc. just sit around trying to be lazy.

 Has absolutely nothing to do with there being NO jobs for most people.  Ever tried to find a job? Especially in the contemporary economy, where possession of advanced degrees renders one "overqualified" (i.e., threatening to established executive assholes), or where lack of bilingual ability means you can't work in call centers, or where 8,000 applicants flood in for every promising opening?

 I am fortunate in that few people have the stomach to prepare themselves to perform my job.  But victim-blaming is wrongheaded and cruel.  You may just as well blame rape victims for being raped.  Cancer victims for having cancer.  Cattle for being born in a cage.

 Just evil.

 Dr. T



 You so are right..   there are no lazy people.     “Lazy” is simply an outmoded concept.    Now,  the indolent are merely a  misunderstood minority.   I was going to say that if we could just  “walk a mile in their shoes”  that we would understand their pain.   But,  since the indolent really don’t ever walk that far,  we don’t share the  necessary distance to form true understanding.    Fortunately we have the solution readily available.   We can import people who don’t know they are victims.   But as you have already observed,  you lack the bilingual ability to communicate with them.   I really don’t blame you for lacking the requisite language skills.    And I certainly won’t think you are lazy.   It’s not your fault.   You might even be a victim yourself.   If so,  you are welcome to all the unearned dignity to which you are entitled.



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