Julie Gammack  (former WHO talk host and friend) is back in Iowa... issues and conversation...

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TV13 reporter Sonya Heitshusen with a connection to Iowans bound for Afghanistan.   Alexander Horowitz can tell you  what's "Inside a Dog".     Then,  Professor Brian Fitzpatrick with the Federalist Society says Iowa's judicial selection process needs fixed.

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 Bernard Cornwell  with some tasty history about the Revolutionary War...and Paul Revere?   Bad actor with great PR.  The Fort.   Then,  bed bugs are headed toward Iowa...and we are ready.  A fellow who sells the bug heaters (319-446-7245) says this is what ya want.     And Professor Bradley Jacob with play by play on the funeral protest case before SCOTUS.   Oh,  and about the man who bales himself...

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Bob Vander Platts with an update on the judicial retention vote.   Pastor Cary Gordon from Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City,  is under fire for politicking from the pulpit...even writing letters to other pastors.   Then,  Brenna Findley with a campaign update.

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Sean McClanahan from the Iowa Firearms Coalition talks about the new Iowa permit to carry laws.  Interesting and spirited.  Then,  the Chinese are buying up everything that isn't nailed down...with dollars.

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David Jamison running to be the next Iowa Treasurer...issues.    Congressman Steve King ...responds to Obamacare and the Principal health insurance shut down.   Iowans wonder what's next after the Principal collapse.

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 Brian Peskin with another update on health and EFA's.    Iowa peace activists, David Goodner and Alton Davis,  are "bugged" by FBI surveillance.  They think you should be worried too.   Con Mike Pence is coming to Iowa...  issues.

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Lusting after new technology?  Who were the "officials" who met Obama in Iowa?  Lotsa open conversation.

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Alan Walker has landed a bunch of money for Upper Iowa University.   Congrats.  Most Dangerous jobs?   We can't get past #10...truck drivers.    Bruce Feiler talks about "America's Prophet"...Moses.     Then the judicial retention movement is on the move.   "Justice Not Poltics" ?   YAGOTTABEKIDDIN'....  no group could be more political.  Just read the list of coalition supporters!    Who are they tryin' to kid?    Even George Soros is funding the so-called "merit-based"  selection process.    The rest of the story.  Nathan Tucker

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 Dr. Tommy Mitchell from Answers in Genesis tells about the Jurassic Prank: a Dino Tale... (Speaking Monday night 7 pm at Grace Church)... then,  The Grand Design doesn't need a designer...Leonard MlodinowStephen Hawking's co-author.  

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