David Limbaugh lists Obama's  "Crimes Against Liberty"...issues.   Then, what is our responsibility toward the mentally challenged?   Then, racial attacks Iowa State Fair goers... the rest of the story... powerful.

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Eric Cooper is the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor....issues.  Then,  what do know about the 911 Mosque Imman guy?  Dr. Laura is gonna quit....why?    Why now?

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Congressman Steve King...issues.   Nathan Tucker and Craig Robinson call for an Iowa Constitutional Convention...judicial issues.  Then,  Justin Krebs suggests 538 Ways to Work, Live and Play like a Liberal.   A fight breaks out over who owns the Golden Rule.  Still under arbitration.

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Ed Failor
 from Iowans for Tax relief...issues.   Jonathan Narcisse running for governor as an independent...issues.   Then,  a Republican victim of propaganda.    Whoops.



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Congressman Tom Latham...issues.  Sen Rick Santorum...issues.  Fred Karger...issues.

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Lotsa openline time...  Palinisms....and culture war...fierce.

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Is Terry Branstad mean spirited for saying taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the education of children of illegals.   Bob Vander Platts wants us to fire some judges.  Then,  perhaps the best campaign commercial...ever.   Plus,  here's the skunk stink killer recipe.

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Erik Rush  "Negrophilia From Slave Block to Pedestal: Amerrica's Racial Obsession"  looks at the current crop of race hustlers.   Liberal Democrats own Iowa's upper education.  If so,  why send kids to get a lop-sided education?   Then,  Suzy!

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The fellows from Iowa Ready-Mix Concrete Association...the traditional first guests at the Fair.   Then,  Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty makes a pre-campaign stop.  Jim Hawkins from Professional Educators of Iowa talks about defending falsely accused teachers.

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Newt Gingrich coming to Iowa, part of his upcoming "To Save America" tour.   Bryan Bernys with Campus Reform says Democrats dominate Iowa's university campuses and Board of Regents.  Bought and paid for institutions.  Then,  flood coverage.

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