Congressman Tom Latham...issues.  Sen Rick Santorum...issues.  Fred Karger...issues.

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Lotsa openline time...  Palinisms....and culture war...fierce.

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Is Terry Branstad mean spirited for saying taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the education of children of illegals.   Bob Vander Platts wants us to fire some judges.  Then,  perhaps the best campaign commercial...ever.   Plus,  here's the skunk stink killer recipe.

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Erik Rush  "Negrophilia From Slave Block to Pedestal: Amerrica's Racial Obsession"  looks at the current crop of race hustlers.   Liberal Democrats own Iowa's upper education.  If so,  why send kids to get a lop-sided education?   Then,  Suzy!

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The fellows from Iowa Ready-Mix Concrete Association...the traditional first guests at the Fair.   Then,  Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty makes a pre-campaign stop.  Jim Hawkins from Professional Educators of Iowa talks about defending falsely accused teachers.

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Newt Gingrich coming to Iowa, part of his upcoming "To Save America" tour.   Bryan Bernys with Campus Reform says Democrats dominate Iowa's university campuses and Board of Regents.  Bought and paid for institutions.  Then,  flood coverage.

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It's  Rapport Afghanistan...a humanitarian mission to help Iowan's sent to Afghanistan help the locals with winter coats.  Capt. Shawn Mingus spreads the word.   Plus,  60 year old recruits?  The rest of the story.  Hillary says "terror has no religion"..  Iowans respond.

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The conversation started with a news story from Iowa which made national news.  A drunk driver was busted.  Nothing unusual about that, but in this case he was driving his riding lawn mower down the street weaving about the center lane.  That's not the part of the story which landed it on Drudge.  It was the kicker line in which the local arresting sheriff claimed, "In Iowa, it's illegal to drive any motor vehicle anywhere while intoxicated, the driver could have been charged while mowing his own lawn."

When I read that one on the air,  I wondered how law enforcement could get jurisdiction to bust an intoxicated mower rider on his own property.  

The first caller said the sheriff is "Stuck on such jurisdiction exists in Iowa code."

A cop called in to say,  "Yes there is.  It's Iowa code 321.J.  

So I pushed him.   "What does it say?"

I could hear the pages of his cop code book being rifled in the background,  "I can't find it."

Then a public official called to say that although it wasn't actually in the code,  "'s been interpreted that way by the courts."

At that point all the little Constitutional hairs stood up on the back of my neck.  "Judges have said its ok?"


"Even though the law doesn't authorize it?"

"Yes,  the legislature doesn't have a problem with it." he said.

I said,  "That's not a very high standard."

Said the official,  "Where in the Constitution or Iowa code does it say on CAN drive your lawnmower while drunk, on your own property?"

"That turns our relationship with the state upside down.  We don't get our rights from the state or it's code.  We don't need permission from the law or a government employee to drink a beer while mowing one's own yard.  It's our property."

Said the official, "If you kill somebody on your property or counterfeit money in your basement, police can arrest you on your own property can't they?"

"Yes, but in either of those cases, there are victims.  It IS the proper function of government to protect the lives, liberty and property of its citizens.  It is not the proper role of government to protect me against myself.  Plus,  judges can't re-write Iowa code from the bench.  Judge-made "law" is null and void.  If the legislature won't defend their turf from activist judges, the rest of us must."

So,  am I really going to argue that a citizen of the United States can legally mow his own yard while two-sheets to the wind?   With deepest apologies to my long-gone,  tea-totaling mom,  the answer is,  "Yes".    It may be sinful,  but it shouldn't be illegal.  

(Unless you mow un-American and evil practice.  We have to have some standards. )

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Jan's Briarwood Experience


Warning:   this blog contains more information than anyone really needs plus close-ups of Mickelson's private parts.  :)

Mickelson was nominated for the Nobel prize for his dedication to science.   He donated his body to science,  but science refused delivery.  


My Briarwood Dental experience with Dr. Michael McGregor  has been completed.   His goal  was to correct a lifetime of typical dental issues and a misaligned bite.   The way its used to look...     the way it looks now.    No filings,  no gold or silver crowns,   no mercury fillings,  no chipped teeth...nothing discolored or stained.   Perfect. 

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