Gary DeMar list the notions which make people of faith (Christians) nearly culturally impotent.   Then,  Senator Lindsey Graham say the reason he had to vote to confirm Elenaor Kagan for SCOTUS.   Jesus made him do it.

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 Pamela Geller blasts the Ground Zero Mosque and says its another example of   "The Post-American Presidency"... Terence Jeffrey  calls current Democrats   "Control Freaks"...describes how the Constitution has been shredded by socialists...for years.   

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Benjamin Herson takes us on the Great Typo Hunt...funny.    Professor Bradley Jacob, Dean of Patrick Henry College,  untangles  the knots in the 14th Amendment...Senator Tom Harkin re-tangles them.   Attorney John Stewart explains the current case of judicial activism on Proposition 8 in California.  

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Sally Pipes knows what's in the Obamacare bill...."The Truth about Obamacare" ain't purdy.   What is "obedience to the un-enforceable?"   Brilliant.    Then,  SOAR,  (Save Our American Republic)  Jim Carley and Earl Taylor are planning another "Making of America" seminar on the Constitution.  Don't miss it.   Then, more 14th Amendment myths served up by talking heads...again.

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 Uh-Oh...  Mickelson empties the archives again.  Don't listen... there's lotsa subliminal stuff.    Then  Islam marks Manhattan. 

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Mike Farris  from HSLDA worries about the UN Convention on the Child Treaty...with contemporary Constitutional illiteracy just about anything could happen.   John McManus coming to Iowa  (Tuesday night at 7 pm Adventure Land Inn) to speak about immigration. Then,  who owns rain water?  Huh?

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Addiction issues.. Joe Mientz is director of admissions at an Iowa-based treatment center. (888-778-5833)   Impressive.   Brad Erlich with some Iowa economic news.  Lotsa open-line conversation,  including a fellow who builds western leather gear and talks about gun fighters...Will Ghormley.

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Wanna know how treaties can amend the US Bill of Rights in the US Constitution?   James Hirsen can tell you...cuz he predicted it.   Congressman Steve King reacts to the Arizona judge on immigration law,  and blows the lid off the USDA Pigford scam and the Shirley Sherrod connection.  Don Racheter documents Iowa's Privileged Class: State Government Employees.   Nathan Tucker blows the whistle on the politicization of Iowa's  judicial selection.    Vigorous stuff.

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Uh Oh...  Iowa flunks the Opie Golden Rule test.  Iowa gets a big bill from illegals...  Bob Dane from FAIR gives us the bad news.   Sen. Paul McKinley says Iowa has dropped the baton in the Race to the Top.   Mitch Henry calls for the end of dog racing in Iowa.

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Governor Terry Branstad and Auditor David Vaudt  with campaign issues.   Carrie Severino defends Senator Grassley's Kagan "No" vote.  Then,  how do treaties trump the US Constitution?   They don't,  unless dishonest politicians let them.

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