Mona Kilborn, an Iowa lady from Marshalltown re-tells the horrific story of her experience...losing a family member to an illegal alien drunk driver.  Years later,  still no justice.   Iowans with vigorous views.

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Friday cafeteria of issues...everthang worth talking about....we talk about...and more.  Including peeping Toms at the airport.

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Brenna Findley wants to be AG.   Issues.    Gov Gary Johnson from New Mexico coming to Iowa...  Ragbrai...Issues.   Ambassor Michael Oren of Israel to the United States...issues.   A new program can kill phone text messages if the car is moving...issues.

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Richard Bernstein  addresses  "Duped America" ...a great legal brief against liberal clichés'.   Gov Vilsack may change mind about a fired USDA employee.  Senator Grassley votes "No" on Kagan.  Why?  And should Iowa farmers give up land so truckers can go potty? 

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Former Congressman Jim Nussle from Growth Energy is trying to expedite ethanol.   Obama wants to extend unemployment benefits.   Iowans respond

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Now Obamacare is a tax,  so it's constitutional...huh?  Lotsa openline. And Obama can't be a socialist, cuz he is an American.   Guess who said that? Spirited conversation.

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Dana Mecum and Larry Kline highlight the weekend live auction on HDTV.   Jim Marrs with The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy makes us flunk the kook test.   A lady loses her job over tinted windows.  And Suzy.

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Dr. Gal Luft  "Turning Oil Into Salt"...time to get serious about energy independence and fuel choice.    Joshua Lyon was a Pill Head...tells how to avoid becoming one.   Then,  former Governor Branstad makes a major campaign position shift on immigration.  Ready for Arizona law?

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Crystal O'Connor says our kids need business coaching... she's running summer courses for teenagers.  Kidpreneur.   Then an Iowa Tea Party billboard makes national news...Iowan's respond to the attention.

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Paul Collier says it's time to un-plunder "The Plundered Planet"...says we don't have title to the Earth so don't abuse the place.   Cameras to replace cops in Des Moines?  Yuck.   Dr. Betsy McCaughey is a constitutional expert...worries about Obama the health care bill and finds it not Constitutional.

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