Brad Zaun is running for congress...issues.  Newt Gingrich wants "To Save America"...issues... Aissa Wayne, daughter of John Wayne is coming to Iowa to highlight the birthdays and anniversaries.

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Vast quantities of open-line Friday... Iowa veterans confront crazies in Perry, Iowa sheriff says we can't afford an Arizona-like immigration law.  Vigorous talk.

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Professor David Meyer  reports on what is behind the blow-ups in Thailand.  Brenna Findley running for AG says Tom Miller shouldn't be representing Iowa's laws in which he is in dissent.  Catriona MacGregor is Partnering With Nature.  Edwin Allen is the fellow who tangled in traffic with the 1st Lug.   Then,  Iowa vets weigh in on politicians who lie about their service records.

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Brenda Elliot describes  The Manchurian President...Obama's background.   Tom Ferry says he believes in  Life: by Design.   Then, sometimes it's the words that politicians don't use that are important.

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Secrets of Great Marriages  Charlie and Linda Bloom.  Smiles.   Governor Lug  goes road rage on a potential at 11...    Then,  Kirk Kirkorian  describes how Obama is using immigration to shape the US  political scene.

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Tom Grezek from Microsoft tells of recent internet security scams and what to do about it.  Jeri Corsi talks about the Gulf oil spill... issues.   Iowa pot is inferior to southern pot?   This shall not stand.  

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Congressman Ron Paul  with money issues.   An Iowa  DNR Commissioner thinks teenage nudity would keep the kids in Iowa.   Did Sarah Palin make a mistake by inviting the girls basketball team to go rogue?  


A couple of good ol' boys may have a temporary solution to the oil spill?

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Richard Vigilante tells why it was time to "Panic"...and he explains the unexplainable.   Where does Senator Harkin shop for groceries?   Thomas Woods explains even more the "Meltdown"  and "Who Killed the Constitution?"   Plus a couple of more Iowa towns clear a path for chickens.  What's a chicken tractor?  

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Dan Neiland gives a quick tour of Vatterott Educational Center.   Then some Iowan are allergic to money...nickel to be specific.   Then,  more Iowa schools can't run a school lunch program...  'nuther out-of-control entitlement program.

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Robert Murphy is coming to Iowa for the Campaign for Liberty.  Shawn Mingus and Lt. Col. Steve Boesen are looking for Coats for Afghanistan.    Then,  what to do with impaired drivers who hurt people...driving a right or privilege?


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