A new Supreme Court judge?  Carrie Severino from the Judicial Crises Network rates the new pick.   Then,  Nancy Pelosi preaches the gospel of immigration and has an alter call for Catholics.    WHHHHHHATTTTT?

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Cinco de Mayo ruckus in California explained and nearly understood.   Sean McClanahan  from Iowa Carry explains the new law.   Brian Sussman "Climategate"  gives another side to the gulf oil spill.  A puzzle.

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Wondering about "healthy stuff"  like Pork Scratchings and Nutrella....something about inquiring minds.   Barbara Strauch and the Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain...darn thing removes a bunch of excuses.... Then,  does the Bible require open borders and open arms to illegals?   Stephen Steinlight blows a hole in that theory.

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George Landrith wants Boeing to land the new tanker plane contract rather than the French Airbus company.   Better plane and Iowa jobs.   Dave Funk for congress talks about terrorism and airline security....issues.    Former Governor Brandstad has taken some highly unusual positions on birthright citizenship and court made law.

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 Maggie Gallagher is coming to Iowa in defense of the family.   Then some activists against nuclear non-proliferation come to Iowa to advance the issue.   Then,  the new Arizona law works  way faster than anticipated.

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Immigration redux...Christian Ucles...local activist pitches a few ideas...  Tom Coates and  Mitch Henry  with a Iowa gambling update.

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 Steve Rathje wants to be congressman.  Aaron Price produced a documentary, "Gas Odyssey"...and thinks natural gas is our nation's answer to future energy demands.   Ed Failor worries about another conflict of interest case.   Bob Vander Platts favors the Arizona immigration law.  Issues

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Lauren Fix is the Car Coach...tech talk..seasonal care care tips.  A nice note from Corvair enthusiasts...13 things a guy need in his car...  Mommy Power with Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman... R. Emmett Tyrrell describes After the Hangover...how conservatives can find the road to recovery....and Governor Culver talks to MSNBC about Iowa.   Issues.

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Judy Hintz with more inspirational stories of kid repair...Educational Resources...225-8513.   Obama in Iowa touts 25 tax cuts for Iowans...  Curtis Dubay describes what they were.   Obama also lists his immigration reform points.  Iowans evaluate.

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 Margo Thorning warns that Obama's cap and trade scam will be very costly to Iowans.   Congressman Tom Latham ...issues...   Emmett McGroarty say Iowa's Core Curriculum is rotten.   Then,  what's the real reason Franklin Graham got bounced from the National Day of Prayer...

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