Tuesday October 31 2006


Silliness at the expense of rednecks.  "Redneck Words of Wisdom"   Jaimie Muehlhausen.     Mike Ratliff says college history students  don't know no better... and he has the study to prove it.    Then,  one of the most moving segments ever.   "The Secret Letter from Iraq"   the wisdom of an unknown American soldier writing home from Iraq.   Powerful calls...I'll never forget.

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Monday October 30 2006


Jeff Lamberti  wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's  job.  Issues.  Patrick J. Buchanan declares an "State of Emergency"  on borders and culture war.    Dr. Mary Davenport with "The Unconscionable Claims of Michael J Fox",   along with stem cell researcher David Prentice  says,  "Do no Harm".  

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Friday October 27 2006

Lana Rosenfeld from Tender Loving Care Products,   cosmetic reconstruction for breast cancer survivors.   Gary Moore writes about his baseball player dad during World World II   "Playing With the Enemy"   a great inspiration story of family and baseball.

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Thursday October 26

"The African Children's Choir"   visiting Iowa Sunday.   Wonderful music.  Matthew Spivey and Pastor Dan Berry  from Cornerstone Family Church.   White House Press Secretary Tony Snow  highlights the President's Iowa visit.  Then, William Simpson with the inside story of "The Prince"...  insights into our involvement in the middle east.

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Wednesday October 25 2006


Feedback on Radio Day at the Whitehouse.    The most inspirational moment on the trip was the return trip.  Find out why and the dynamic conversation which follows.

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Tuesday October 24 2006

Mickelson broadcasts from the Whitehouse at another Radio Day.   Issues and comments from several administration insiders.  Chertoff, McNulty, Leavitt, and Dan Bartlett. 

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Monday October 23 2006

Iowa conservative activist Bill Salier sits in for Jan as Mickelson is traveling to Washington for Radio Day at the Whitehouse.   Spirited and fun conversation with one of Iowa's favorite sons.


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Friday October 2006

Lotsa Friday openline.   Has gambling over-whelmed Iowa's political process.   More gambling money pouring into campaign coffers.   Then,  are we getting ripped-off by the special ed industry? 

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Thursday October 19 2006 Democratic activist Ed Fallon is still worried about the eminent domain issue,  this time,  in Burlington, Iowa.   Mark Steyn  demographics are going to be the deciding factor in upcoming world conflicts.  "America Alone".    Wartburg College,  a Lutheran college has just finished a week's worth of  "Coming Out"  events.  What does that mean?
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Wednesday October 18 2006  Gary Toyn  previews Clint Eastwood's  "Flags of Our Fathers" and his book,  "Quiet Heroes".   He stimulates a bunch of great conversation about Iowa's historic wartime commitment.   Then,  Iowa has a new state song.    Then,  my dad's  Iowa State Liquor Permit.
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