Monday December 11 2006

Maybe,  James Kim took the wrong route  which ended in his death because he downloaded a map from the wrong source.  Lotsa listeners  give their bad directions stories.

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Friday December 8 2006 James Hirsch  revisits the genetics of Type 1 diabetes.  "Cheating Destiny".... we only agree on the important stuff.  Diabetes is bad,  and we should find a cure.   We argue about everything else.  Very worthwhile.   How can an old crank telephone enhance the educational experience?    Then, the nearly Psychic Suzy. 
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Thursday December 7 2006

Surviving in the wilderness...or not...starting tire fires?   Then,  how about a chart showing the "progress" of  Iowa education.    Powerful.

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 Wednesday  December 6 2006

Worldview stuffAlison Thomas  is a circuit ridin' apologist.   She talks faith issues to college-bound high school students.  Then,  "Leap Days"   Katherine Lanpher  chronicles her midlife move.    Then,   the pro-life lobby gets cheeky with Planned Parenthood.  Rachel Cunningham from the IFPC.

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Tuesday December 5 2006

 Editor's note:  If you have been directed to this podcast,  the first hour contains conclusions about cost-shifting based upon false assumptions regarding the genetics of Type One diabtes.  Before you waste any hard-earned outrage, the issue is corrected in the Friday, December 8th program.   

Pondering the genetics of Type One diabetes...after an expert guest says there is a direct  relationship between genetics and Type One.   Uncomfortable questions and great discussion. 

(As a follow-up to this segment,  diabetes expert James Hirsch  accepted another appearance Friday December 8th at 9 am to answer questions regarding the genetics of diabetes)  A very worthwhile segment.

 Then, Blood and Oil  with the award-winning producers of a new documentary which highlights the history of the Middle East in World War I.   Plus,  wardrobe mishaps...

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Monday December 4 2006

Should city and county employees be required to live in the city or county?  Then,  Governor Vilsack tosses one last political hand grenade before he leaves office.    Driver's licenses for illegals?  Then,  James Hirsch talks about  "Cheating Destiny  living with diabetes, America's Biggest Epidemic"


Then,  a chart of Iowa's education "progress".   Whew!

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Friday December 1 2006


So how long will a cat stay up in a tree anyhow?   Con Steve King  is back from Iraq with some observations on the war.   Governor Vilsack  has officially entered  the Democratic Presidential race.   How will Iowans review their former Governor? 

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