Monday Oct 16 2006


Dr. David Gratzer  is a licensed in both Canada and US...he say the Canadian system is rotten to the core and we are on a fast slide to Canadize ourselves.  "The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care".       David Bossie is in Iowa with  "Border Wars"   at  Ankeny's Springwood 9  at 7pm

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Friday October 13 2006


Congressman Steve King  talks about immigration, Foleygate, and NCLBDavid Bossie declares a "Border War".   Psychic Suzy swoops down.

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Thursday October 12 2006

Dr. John Patrick  is a mental and spiritual vitamin.  A superb medical ethicist.  How to talk about abortion without causing a riot.  

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Wednesday October 11 2006


The Davenport,  Iowa diocese declares bankruptcy  to protect itself from lawsuits by those damaged by pedophile priests.   What does that mean?   Then,  Robert Spencer  looks inside of Islam.   "The Truth about Muhammad".   Then,  SNAP.   Victims  of pervert priests respond.

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Tuesday October 10 2006



"Dissent in America"...  our history as highly effective whiners.  Ralph Young.   Then,   Iowa 4th District congressional candidate  Seldon Spencer  talks issues.

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Monday October 9 2006


"Head Games"  footballs' concussion crisis.  Former Harvard football player and WWE wrestler, Chris "Harvard" Nowinski,  The Ivy League Snob  warns us about the sports perils of head injury.   Then,  a recovering stroke victim with one of the most inspirational Iowa medical success stories ever.   "Out of the Darkness & into the Light"   hope for stroke victims.  641-485-9667  Ruth Lycke

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Friday October 6 2006 Lots openline on a bunch o stuff... including,  whatzup in Marshalltown and illegal immigration stressing the local law enforcement.   What to do?  
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Thursday October 5 2006 Lauren Sandler  writes Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement  "Righteous"    Then,  "Sex Priests and Secret Codes"  Richard Sipes  with insights into Foleygate.   Then,  Chet Culver says he's against gay marriage,  " this time". 
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Wednesday October 4 2006


Activist Ben Cohen  is in Iowa trying to shake some sense into Iowan's Sensibilities.   He spills his BB's.   Then,  Richard Viguerie confronts "Conservatives Betrayed"  saying lotsa Republicans should be fired.  Iowan's respond to Foleygate.

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Tuesday October 3 2006

The Amification of Iowa schools.   More school killings.  More response from Iowans about what we should do.   Then,  "Beyond Shyness:  How To Conquer Social Anxieties"      Jonathan Berent

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