Friday March 30 2007


Any Iowa connection to the tainted pet food scare?   Then,  a judge says an Iowa jury will decide the fate of those defunct touch play machines.  Wanna taint the jury?

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Thursday March 29 2007


Walid Phares writes about the "War of Ideas: Jihadism Against Democracy".   Powerful.   Then,  Chris Hedges with a polemic about "American Facists"   Who?  The Christian right.

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Wednesday March 28 2007


Clive finally gets busted for their camera based stop sign  fines.  Now what?   Iowa is about to approve of same date voter registration.   Now what?

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Tuesday March 27 2007


Dr. Jerome Corsi reports on a horrendous sex scandal  within the Texas juvenile justice system.  Who does he hold responsible?  Dan Gainor  takes aim at Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" ...lotsa open-line time too.  And here's the sound-bite of the Hardball  interview of the Vilsacks.

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Monday March 26 2007


A Monday stream o' semi-consciousness.   Then District 41 Iowa Senator David Hartsuch  is resisting the Democratic party expansion of gay civil rights.  Senate debate Monday afternoon.

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Friday March 23 2007


Chad Thompson,  "Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would"   a Fresh Christian Approach.   Congressman Tom Tancredo with a quick visit.

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Thursday March 22 2007


Professor David Eisenbach a historian of "Gay Power, an American Revolution"   Spirited conversation.  Governor Mitt Romney wants to be President.  Iowa's Deer Population and the DNR win out over property rights.   Discussion

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Wednesday March 21 2007


Iowa war protestors,  tobacco tax avoiders, deer killers and other fine Amercians...  Lotsa great openline.

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Tuesday March 20 2007


A Des Moines woman defends her apartment in the middle of the night with deadly force.   The 911 call and Iowan's respond. Not everyone agrees.

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Monday March 19 2007


Monday open-line potluck.  And do we now have a poster boy example for  renewing Iowa's death penalty?

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