Friday June 15 2007


 Congressman Duncan Hunter  says the new Senate debate on immigration is going to be a scam.  Then, how to with the 14th Amendment argument automatic birth citizenship.    "The Cost of Using Food for Fuel"  William Yeatman.   Kay Hymnowitz   asks  "Where's Daddy?"  .   Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday June 14 2007


 No to Project Destiny.  Kevin and BJ McGloughlin  along with George Davey explain why not.

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Wednesday June 13th 2007


Doin' some serious "Porch Talk"  with Phillip Gulley..circuit ridin' Quaker.   Another deadly car-bike crash.  What to do?  Then,  Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff  tries to restart the tabled Senate immigration reform bill.

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Tuesday June 12 2007


"I Had to Say Something" The "Art" of Ted Haggard's Fall"     Mike Jones  was a male escort who tangled with a televangelist.   Then,  Iowa grade school kids are being taught "escape" techniques.   Welcome to the new normal.

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Monday June 11 2007


The Energy Doctor  is here.  Wayne Essink  talks about saving bucks...and how to make windows more energy efficient.  Then,  it's the political season.  Unintended humor is always best.    If the pipes don't fit you  must aquit.               

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Friday June 8 2007


Presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo  in Iowa the day after the US Senate fails to pass immigration reform.   Paul Pate says Mayor Rudy Guiliani remains in the caucus race in Iowa even though he dropped out of the Iowa Straw Poll.   Then,  Congressman Steve King reactions to the Senate immigration bill failure.  Then, Kathy,  an Iowa woman talks of her assault  experience which is strikingly similar to the Kelsey Smith tragedy.

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Thursday June 7 2007


Nancie McDermott will Stir Fry ya.  Plus, a string of scary local  news stories.  Sylvain Cypel say Israeli society is at an impasse cuz it's "Walled".  And Iowa's Republican straw poll is short a couple of bales.

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Wednesday June 6 2007  

Scott Taylor my low-carb  inflammation guru with a house call.    "Bobby and J. Edgar"   Burton Hersh with a very inside look at the historic conflict.  Lt. General McInerney  evaluates the defense positions of the presidential debaters.

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Tuesday June 5 2007


Lotsa openline.    FOOD FIGHT!   In Newton HS... we clean up the mess.

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Monday June 4 2007 Finbarr M Corr is a former priest, now married,  with the rest of the story.  "Bridges from Leaginney"  then, nonsense from the debate.  Gregory Flood with "The Liar's Prayer: a Grouch's Guide to Enlightenment".  866-926-2762.   Then, some Hillarisms and Obamanations. 
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