Tuesday July 31 2007


History nuggets I discovered while doing summer reading.  The current state of terror.  Then, Senator Byrd says pit bulls are innocent peace lovin' creatures until they are corrupted by football players.

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Monday July 30 2007


The continuing stolen car saga...can we keep what is going on in California away from Iowa?  Then,  some campaign literature  I found in the church parking lot is actually inspirational.

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Friday July 27 2007


Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad sits in for Jan Mickelson.  He's President of Des Moines University.  Progress report.

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Thursday July 26 2007


Ross Peterson in for Jan Mickelson.  Pet behavior, Fair Tax and presidential politics.

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Wednesday July 25 2007


If California can confiscate the vehicles  of illegals or scofflaws,  why can't Iowa? And Iowa's Board of Regents still can't decide upon arming campus security guards...sigh.  The,  Steve Deace  "Without a Vision: the People Perish"   then,  an Iowa mom wants the troops home from Iowa. Sue Dinsdale 

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Tuesday July 24 2007


Dana Mecum  talks about collectible cars and an upcoming car auction.    Scott Taylor  warns about Lyme Disease...it's the season.   Then,  car theft stories...

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Monday July 23 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo  in Iowa after the presidency.  Issues.    Congressman Duncan Hunter  in Iowa after the presidency.  Issues   Robert Novak,  the "Prince of Darkness" knows where the bodies are buried..    Senator John McCain  in Iowa after the presidency (see shocking video below).  Issues.  Phyliss Schlafly wants to be on the record for Congressman Tancredo.   Issues.

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Friday July 20 2007


 Senator Sam Brownback is in Iowa pursuing the presidency.   Ted Baehr reviews a couple of movies...the new Harry Potter movie and the new Adam Sandler movie, "I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry"  (the last segment with Rowan Scarborough is lost in technical purgatory...sorry)

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Thursday July 19 2007


 Rauch on the River...neked perverts are cavorting along the Raccoon River...again...annoying family canoeing expeditions and puzzling the taxpayers....again.   Then, Cheryle Hart says your diet may be making you crazy.  "The Feed Good Diet"..    Iowa is making world news for our prison population diversity rates.   Tommy Thompson talks about practical solutions for stuff.

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Wednesday July 18 2007


Bishop Perry Jackson says Senator Ted Kennedy is trying to sneak another hate crimes bill  into a defense package.  Why is it a threat your 1st Amendment rights?  Then  extended coverage of Senator Tom Harkin's part in the US Senate all-nighter  on voting for US withdrawal from Iraq.  Iowans respond.

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