Tuesday July 17 2007

 Deirdre Barrett  with "Waistland"...why two-thirds of us are concerned about weight and what to do about it.  Then a world-class tip to a waitress gets us started on the etiquette of tipping.

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Monday July 16 2007

 "The Natural Family"  Allan Carlson has a manifesto to re-build the US family.  (Spence publishing has a deal for WHO listeners.  For every tenth personal email to webmaster@spencepublishing.com  a WHO listener will get a free book...do it!)  Then,  who keeps flunking the marshmallow test?   Plus,  why not use horse racing money for a better purpose?

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Friday July 13 2007


Hindus open the US Senate with a meditation...and a protest.   Brown hamburger and the  frozen mystery meat.  Don Yaeger says "It's Not About the Truth"  The Untold Story about the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered...   Congressman Duncan Hunter with presidential politics.  Then,  if Iowa is a sanctuary state,  why did they bust illegals in Marshalltown?    Plus Suzy.

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Thursday July 12 2007


More ethanol bashing.   A great dialog.  Sandy Bourne  from the Independent Women's Forum worries about the "subsidies" and market distortions.  Monte Shaw from  Iowa Renewable Fuel Association responds.  Then,  a "bubbly" toddler gets the boot from a flight cuz mom won't feed him Benadryl.   Really.

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Wednesday July 11 2007


Thomas Woods comes up with "33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask".   Very good stuff.  Then,  Bobbi Conner wants your kids to have "Unplugged Play"...lots of un-electric games to keep the kids occupied this summer.   Plus,  a local family gets skunked out of the house.  How can we help?

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Tuesday July 10 2007


Judy Hintz talks about the Wall Street Journal front page story about "mainstreaming" troubles in Waukee. "When Discipline Starts a Fight".   Then,  Bill Salier and Jason Hamann with a new grass roots non-partisan organization.  "Everyday America".  515-401-2488

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Monday July 9 2007


John Lott describes why the free market works in "Freedomnomics"  and why when women got the vote, government got bigger and families got smaller.  Then,  a mystery solved and lotsa openline.

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Friday July 6 2007


Ed Fallon for Mickelson.  To tax or not to tax...Project Destiny.  The debate.   Worthwhile.

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Thursday July 5 2007


Columnist Chuck Offenberger sits in for Mickelson and talks about Iowa sports heroes. 

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Wednesday July 4 2007


Congressman Steve King  sits in for Mickelson.  Lotsa great political conversation.

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