Friday August 31 2007


Chuck Hurley and Mike Hartwig from the Iowa Family Policy Council  react a judge's overturning of Iowa's gay marriage ban.  Lotsa discussion.

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Thursday August 30 2007



Ravi Batra says all economic hell is shortly gonna break loose,  then  "The New Golden Age" can begin.   So,  what's an imprecatory prayer anyhow.  A world class example.   Then,  Iowa Representative Jeff Kaufmann  author of the bill which "fixed" Iowa's eminent domain law is worried about new takings wrinkles.

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Wednesday August 29 2007


Ok, it's summer-fall and school is starting and already dismissing early for heat...should be move Iowa to a year around schedule.  Great Iowa conversation.      Gov. Mike Huckabee  with issues. 

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Tuesday August 28 2007


Don Feder  has some fun at the expense of a Dutch bishop.  Allah darn nit anyhow.   Then,  Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says the Michael Vick come to Jesus apology is a scam.

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Monday August 27 2007


Dick Fredericks and Dr. Gene Fokken from Iowalive,   talk about what to do to repair the damage to Iowa's education system.  Then,  lotsa openline with a couple of modest proposals.

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Friday August 24 2007

Bob Dane  from FAIR describes what the "sanctuary status" means.   Dave Leach, activist and musician,  says social conservatives are wrong about immigration and makes a Biblical case for open borders. 

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Thursday August 23 2007


"Statements of the LDS First Presidency" answers the question definitively. "Is there such a thing as a pro-choice Mormon"?   Gary James Bergera says,  "No"?     Congressman Steve King  with  his own progress report on the Iraq War.  

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Wednesday August 22 2007


It's the semi-often Something Stupid Day...  ridding ourselves of stupidity build-up syndrome.  SDS.

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Tuesday August 21 2007


Applying the "investment model" to Iowa's education system.   Uncomfortable questions for uncomfortable taxpayers.  Then,  when did Iowa join the ranks of "sanctuary states"?   The rest of the story.

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Monday August 20 2007


Jonathan Narcisse wants to on the Des Moines School Board.    PLLLLEEEZZZZEEEE !   For the love of GAWD...elect him this time so the rest of us can get some peace.   Thank you very much.   Then,   to whack or not to whack ,   that is the question.

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