Wednesday December 12 2007



Libby McDonald  looks at "The Toxic Sandbox: The Truth About Environmental Toxins and Our Children's Health".   She wants Iowans to get the lead out.    Mary Matilin  supports Senator Fred Thompson.    Rich Lowery from the National Review endorses Mitt Romney.   And did Governor Huckabee   make a error in  questioning Mormon theology? 

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Tuesday December 11 2007



So what rights to carry weapons do Iowans have anyway?   Roger Burdette from Iowa Carry, Inc  explains.     Then,  an  Iowa victim of illegal behavior by illegal eloquent think-piece by a Marshalltown mom.  Powerful.

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Monday December 10 2007


Reaction to the Obama-Oprah Iowa event.  Josh Arnest is the Iowa proxy for Obama..  Issues.    Then,   a truly heroic figure needs to be honored.   A volunteer security guard a church in Colorado saves lives.

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Friday December 7 2007


Bishop H Jackson  evaluates the Romney Mormon speech.   Iowans think about the Omaha massacre.   Guns, Drugs, Divorce...etc?  All of the above?   Jay Seculow  supports the Romney speech and cause.


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Thursday December 6 2007


Lisa Guernsey takes us "Into the Minds of Babes".    Senator Fred Thompson  wants to be president.   Judy Hintz from Educational Resources  fixes kids and inspires us all.

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Wednesday December 5 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo  with Iowa presidential politics.   Then, openline...lotsa conversation.

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Tuesday December 4 2007


Greg Jackson and Paul Dinger are Boston political pundits.  They say Gov Mitt Romney is the most liberal candidate of either party.   Vigorous conversation.    Gary DeMar says we oughta be careful of mixing eschatology and politics.   Then,  did that "gay general" ask a good question or not?

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Monday December 3 2007


Governor Mike Huckabee takes the likely caucus vote lead in Iowa and talks with WHO listeners.   Wow...along with the entire known press corps.    Then Casey Luskin from Discovery Institute  is trying to help Professor Guillermo Gonzalez  achieve tenure.    Lotsa talk

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Friday November 30 2007


A guy who read all the direction and conducted "The Smartphone Experiment"  Pierre Khawand.  How to pick a phone.  Then, retired General Ed Soyster from Human Rights First says his organization wants to convince future presidents visiting Iowa to reject any forms of torture of enemy combatants. Spirited conversation.


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Thursday November 29 2007


It's C-Span day.  We talk with folks all over the country,  including Dr. John Lott,  "Freedomnomics".   Pat Buchanan,    "Day of Reckoning".   Senator John McCain.   And Des Moines Register  political columnist  David Yepsen.

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