Wednesday August 8 2007


The Iowa Straw Poll  vote is open to machine-based vote fraud, says Jim Condit Jr  and  Bob Schultz.   "Nonsense" says Iowa Republican Party Ex Director Chuck Laudner.    Professor Doug Jones,  election fraud expert from University of Iowa evaluates current technology.   Then,   Gov Mitt Romney's pro-life transformation is now complete.

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Tuesday August 7 2007


Greg D'Angelo says the SHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program)  is just another unsustainable middle-class entitlement program.  Then,  a great example of media spin.  This time Mickelson is the target.  The tape examples.  Congressman Duncan Hunter with an issues update.  Openline.

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Monday August 6 2007


Chuck Laudner is Executive Director of the Iowa Republican Party.  Talks about the recent Iowa Republican debate at Drake,  the Iowa Straw Poll and a new direction for the Iowa Republican Party.   Steve Forbes gives feedback on the debate for Giuliani..  Bob Vanderplatts for Huckabee.   Senator Sam Brownback for himself.  Bill Salier for Congressman Tom Tancredo.   And a response to the Romney interview  coverage.

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Friday August 3 2007




Fred Heads describe their malady.   Paul Smith and Richard Rios are volunteers.  Then, another ISU professor attacks faith symbols...this time Warren Blumenfeld is shocked to find a cross in a chapel.    Plus lots openline.

 Video note!   After some debate,  here's the re-posting of Thursday's intense exchange with Gov Mitt Romney. 

A technical note... All of the in-studio presidential interviews are video taped for later webcasting.   Normally, as in this case,  they are shot with two fixed cameras by the webcaster.  He and the cameras are highly visible. The cameras are mounted on tripods just a few feet from the guest and host.   Most of the time the interviews are mixed down for time and composition,  as in the recent Senator John McCain interview.   In this case the complete one camera feed was posted so no later issues of "editing" could be raised.   (and because Mickelson looks crappy on camera...  ed. note)


 Jan Mickelson here.. .  thanks for the feedback....   here's some of my own.  


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Thursday August 2 2007


Gov Tommy Thompson campaigns in Iowa.    Gov Mitt Romney campaigning... a very intense conversation.   Here's the videoA shorter video.  Then,  Jerome Corsi  with the "Late Great USA" an expose of the proposed Security and Prosperity Partnership.

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Wednesday August 1 2007


Congressman Geoff Davis from Kentucky and Iowa Congressman Tom Latham join us from Washington.  Issues.   How about reparations for the US taxpayers for Iraq war costs?   Then, "What High Schools Don't Tell You"... how to get your kid ready.  Elizabeth Wissner-Gross.

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Tuesday July 31 2007


History nuggets I discovered while doing summer reading.  The current state of terror.  Then, Senator Byrd says pit bulls are innocent peace lovin' creatures until they are corrupted by football players.

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Monday July 30 2007


The continuing stolen car saga...can we keep what is going on in California away from Iowa?  Then,  some campaign literature  I found in the church parking lot is actually inspirational.

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Friday July 27 2007


Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad sits in for Jan Mickelson.  He's President of Des Moines University.  Progress report.

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Thursday July 26 2007


Ross Peterson in for Jan Mickelson.  Pet behavior, Fair Tax and presidential politics.

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Wednesday July 25 2007


If California can confiscate the vehicles  of illegals or scofflaws,  why can't Iowa? And Iowa's Board of Regents still can't decide upon arming campus security guards...sigh.  The,  Steve Deace  "Without a Vision: the People Perish"   then,  an Iowa mom wants the troops home from Iowa. Sue Dinsdale 

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Tuesday July 24 2007


Dana Mecum  talks about collectible cars and an upcoming car auction.    Scott Taylor  warns about Lyme's the season.   Then,  car theft stories...

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Monday July 23 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo  in Iowa after the presidency.  Issues.    Congressman Duncan Hunter  in Iowa after the presidency.  Issues   Robert Novak,  the "Prince of Darkness" knows where the bodies are buried..    Senator John McCain  in Iowa after the presidency (see shocking video below).  Issues.  Phyliss Schlafly wants to be on the record for Congressman Tancredo.   Issues.

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Friday July 20 2007


 Senator Sam Brownback is in Iowa pursuing the presidency.   Ted Baehr reviews a couple of movies...the new Harry Potter movie and the new Adam Sandler movie, "I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry"  (the last segment with Rowan Scarborough is lost in technical purgatory...sorry)

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Thursday July 19 2007


 Rauch on the River...neked perverts are cavorting along the Raccoon River...again...annoying family canoeing expeditions and puzzling the taxpayers....again.   Then, Cheryle Hart says your diet may be making you crazy.  "The Feed Good Diet"..    Iowa is making world news for our prison population diversity rates.   Tommy Thompson talks about practical solutions for stuff.

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Wednesday July 18 2007


Bishop Perry Jackson says Senator Ted Kennedy is trying to sneak another hate crimes bill  into a defense package.  Why is it a threat your 1st Amendment rights?  Then  extended coverage of Senator Tom Harkin's part in the US Senate all-nighter  on voting for US withdrawal from Iraq.  Iowans respond.

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Tuesday July 17 2007

 Deirdre Barrett  with "Waistland"...why two-thirds of us are concerned about weight and what to do about it.  Then a world-class tip to a waitress gets us started on the etiquette of tipping.

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Monday July 16 2007

 "The Natural Family"  Allan Carlson has a manifesto to re-build the US family.  (Spence publishing has a deal for WHO listeners.  For every tenth personal email to  a WHO listener will get a free it!)  Then,  who keeps flunking the marshmallow test?   Plus,  why not use horse racing money for a better purpose?

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Friday July 13 2007


Hindus open the US Senate with a meditation...and a protest.   Brown hamburger and the  frozen mystery meat.  Don Yaeger says "It's Not About the Truth"  The Untold Story about the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered...   Congressman Duncan Hunter with presidential politics.  Then,  if Iowa is a sanctuary state,  why did they bust illegals in Marshalltown?    Plus Suzy.

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Thursday July 12 2007


More ethanol bashing.   A great dialog.  Sandy Bourne  from the Independent Women's Forum worries about the "subsidies" and market distortions.  Monte Shaw from  Iowa Renewable Fuel Association responds.  Then,  a "bubbly" toddler gets the boot from a flight cuz mom won't feed him Benadryl.   Really.

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Wednesday July 11 2007


Thomas Woods comes up with "33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask".   Very good stuff.  Then,  Bobbi Conner wants your kids to have "Unplugged Play"...lots of un-electric games to keep the kids occupied this summer.   Plus,  a local family gets skunked out of the house.  How can we help?

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Tuesday July 10 2007


Judy Hintz talks about the Wall Street Journal front page story about "mainstreaming" troubles in Waukee. "When Discipline Starts a Fight".   Then,  Bill Salier and Jason Hamann with a new grass roots non-partisan organization.  "Everyday America".  515-401-2488

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Monday July 9 2007


John Lott describes why the free market works in "Freedomnomics"  and why when women got the vote, government got bigger and families got smaller.  Then,  a mystery solved and lotsa openline.

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Friday July 6 2007


Ed Fallon for Mickelson.  To tax or not to tax...Project Destiny.  The debate.   Worthwhile.

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Thursday July 5 2007


Columnist Chuck Offenberger sits in for Mickelson and talks about Iowa sports heroes. 

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Wednesday July 4 2007


Congressman Steve King  sits in for Mickelson.  Lotsa great political conversation.

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Tuesday July 3 2007


Des Moines Register political columnist David Yepsen sits in for Mickelson....he scores some big time poltical names...including a former president and first lady.  Lotsa political talk.  Good stuff.

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Monday July 2 2007

The Wise Guys sit in for Mickelson and talk about the iPhone.

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Friday June 29 2007


"Buffalo in the House"  RD Rosen tells the story of a rescued calf which took over the house.  Ken Hoagland wants a Fair Tax.    Gov Mike Huckabee  with presidential issues and more tax talk.  Then,  back to Iowa buffalo.

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Thursday June 28 2007  

"A Special Mission: Hitler's Secret Plot to Seize the Vatican and Kidnap Pope Pius XII"   Dan Kurzman   Congressman Ron Paul  on the issues.  Coming to Iowa for a Saturday rally to Celebrate Life and Liberty. 4:30pm at the Hy-Vee Hall, Room C, Iowa Events Center, 730 Third Street.   Did Lance Armstrong cut some chemical corners to win the Tour De France?  David Walsh takes us "From Lance to Landis".   Evan Coyne Maloney is director of a new documentary, "Indoctrinate U"    How much "diversity" really exists at universities? 

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Wednesday June 27 2007

Anthony Romero heads the ACLU, "In Defense of Our America" ...brief brisk conversation.   Then,  Des Moines City Council votes to outlaw smoking at city parks cuz it's what else should be outlawed?    Then,  another 14th Amendment snafu.   This time its from the No Spin Zone.

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Tuesday June 26 2007


Former US Surgeon General wants us to all shape up.   Richard Carmona  is with the Partnership.   "America's Report Card"  John McNally with a peek at the academic testing industry.   David Barton  is my favorite historian.  An upcoming briefing for pastors.  800-992-5596 for the Thursday and Friday briefing.

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Monday June 25 2007


The Des Moines Airport is 75 years old.  Roy Criss want to help us celebrate.    The Pope tells us how to drive.  Bonnie fibs about the Saturday's Iowa Motor Truck Association competition...which I nearly won, except the skill part.    Then,  WSJ says "Mainstreaming"  the learning disabled is destroying education. 

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Friday June 22 2007

Emmett Tyrrell talks about the "Clinton Crack-Up".     Congressman Steve King  tries to squelch the travel plans of Nancy Pelosi.  Then, if you send you kid to school with a peanut butter sandwich are you a bully? 

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Thursday June 21 2007

Judy Hintz,  the Kid Fixer, plus a panel of friends who talk about educational repair work.  Brandy, Jenny, Tate and Dale.  Plus, Congressman Duncan Hunter  on a trade mission to Iowa.  Then,  more feedback on the Congressman Ron Paul  forum exclusion.

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Wednesday June 20 2007

"In the Words of Our Enemies"  Jed Babbin with some spirited conversation.  Russ Davis and Pete Houska are pork producers offering a $1000 reward for the slobs who dropped dead pigs into the Raccoon River.   Kevin Gutzman with "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution".    A terrific guide to make you scam-proof by the political class.  Highest Recommendation!   Then Congressman Ron Paul  isn't welcome at the Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance  candidates forum.    Oversight?  Nope.  Kent Snyder from Ron Paul's campaign  and Ed Failor from ITR exchange words.  Lotsa them.

Webmaster's Note: This is a big day for the Mickelson Podcast!  The number of downloads this show received was twenty fold the next highest ranked.  The small graphic below is from the actual stats page and shows the number of downloads for this particular MP3 file, as of June 26 at 2pm.

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Tuesday June 19 2007

 "Fox Bats over Dimona :  the Soviets' Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day War" Gideon Remez.  Presidential candidate Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  Issues.  Then,  from the "Land of Lincoln"  Andrew Ferguson with Adventures in Abe's America.   Joe Bageant takes us "Deer Hunting with Jesus"   says only a populist can end the class war.   Joel Rosenberg  takes us to the "Epicenter"  a documentary  "...why the current rumblings in the middle east will change your future".

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Monday June 18 2007


So,  if your high school has a bunch of smarts kids graduating,  does it make sense to make them all valedictorians?  Then, how should one be selected?   Plus,  a victim of a sexual pervert tells the story of the "The Hopeville Fire Department".  Tony Lembo.

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Friday June 15 2007


 Congressman Duncan Hunter  says the new Senate debate on immigration is going to be a scam.  Then, how to with the 14th Amendment argument automatic birth citizenship.    "The Cost of Using Food for Fuel"  William Yeatman.   Kay Hymnowitz   asks  "Where's Daddy?"  .   Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday June 14 2007


 No to Project Destiny.  Kevin and BJ McGloughlin  along with George Davey explain why not.

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Wednesday June 13th 2007


Doin' some serious "Porch Talk"  with Phillip Gulley..circuit ridin' Quaker.   Another deadly car-bike crash.  What to do?  Then,  Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff  tries to restart the tabled Senate immigration reform bill.

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Tuesday June 12 2007


"I Had to Say Something" The "Art" of Ted Haggard's Fall"     Mike Jones  was a male escort who tangled with a televangelist.   Then,  Iowa grade school kids are being taught "escape" techniques.   Welcome to the new normal.

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Monday June 11 2007


The Energy Doctor  is here.  Wayne Essink  talks about saving bucks...and how to make windows more energy efficient.  Then,  it's the political season.  Unintended humor is always best.    If the pipes don't fit you  must aquit.               

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Friday June 8 2007


Presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo  in Iowa the day after the US Senate fails to pass immigration reform.   Paul Pate says Mayor Rudy Guiliani remains in the caucus race in Iowa even though he dropped out of the Iowa Straw Poll.   Then,  Congressman Steve King reactions to the Senate immigration bill failure.  Then, Kathy,  an Iowa woman talks of her assault  experience which is strikingly similar to the Kelsey Smith tragedy.

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Thursday June 7 2007


Nancie McDermott will Stir Fry ya.  Plus, a string of scary local  news stories.  Sylvain Cypel say Israeli society is at an impasse cuz it's "Walled".  And Iowa's Republican straw poll is short a couple of bales.

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Wednesday June 6 2007  

Scott Taylor my low-carb  inflammation guru with a house call.    "Bobby and J. Edgar"   Burton Hersh with a very inside look at the historic conflict.  Lt. General McInerney  evaluates the defense positions of the presidential debaters.

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Tuesday June 5 2007


Lotsa openline.    FOOD FIGHT!   In Newton HS... we clean up the mess.

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Monday June 4 2007 Finbarr M Corr is a former priest, now married,  with the rest of the story.  "Bridges from Leaginney"  then, nonsense from the debate.  Gregory Flood with "The Liar's Prayer: a Grouch's Guide to Enlightenment".  866-926-2762.   Then, some Hillarisms and Obamanations. 
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Friday June 1 2007


Nicholas Dodman with "Puppy's First Steps" animal behaviorist who can tell you why your puppy likes to lick your face.  Believe me,  you don't wanna know.   Pat Buchannan says our immigration crisis represents a "State of Emergency"...dynamic.   Then,  the NYT wants to hear from Iowans.

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Thursday May 31 2007

Dr. Robert Spencer  tells  "The Truth About Muhammad"  and interprets the findings of the PEW Foundation study of American Muslim attitudes.  Lotsa openline.    Then, Philip Jenkins says the Muslim sky isn't falling.  "God's Continent" isn't really in a demographic crisis after all.

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Wednesday May 30 2007


The politics of negotiation.  "It's Ok to be the Boss"  how to fight the undermanagement epidemic with Bruce Tulgan.  Then, Annie Jacobsen gets a chance to say "I told you so" about a dry run terrorist attack on flight 327"Terror in the Skies".   888-773-6782 for a discount for WHO listeners. Then,  Senator John McCain  with campaign issues.

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Tuesday May 29 2007 It's Tuesday,  it's time to be least until we hafta talk about politics.
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Monday May 28 2007


A Memorial Day morale booster.   "The Last Man Out: Glenn McDole, USMC, Survivor of the Palawan Massacre in World War II".    Then an encore of "The Day the World Ended and Little Big Horn"   and  "The Privileged Planet"  with Dr. Jay Richards.

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Friday May 25 2007


Senator Joe Biden talks Iraq policy.  Senator Sam Brownback does the same.  Doug Holtz-Eakin from Senator McCain's campaign supports the Senate immigration bill.   ISU wants to get Jesus back into sports.  Then,  a new  plasma technology for making money on Iowa garbage.  Charlie Kress and Dennis Naughton from Waste Not Iowa.  

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Thursday May 24 2007


"The Idea That is America"  Anne-Marie Slaughter and I get into a low-carb food fight.   Mike Ferris is the legal rep for home schoolers who will convene shortly in Iowa.    Cedar Falls High School graduation is excluding Beethoven's "Joyful, Joyful".  Why?  Karl Gilbertson is a parent with questions.   Andrew Clopton is the VP of the Choir which wanted to sing it.   Should the school cave to the ACLU?   Not so fast says Jeff Sertize  from the ACLJ   singing the song could cost us. 

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Wednesday May 23 2007


Socks with sandals?  WWJD?  Cheering your kid at the graduation ceremony?  You could get busted.  Which of the presidential candidates are "Exceptional Presenters"?  Tim Koegel will tell you.   How do you kill skunk stink?   Then,  60 Minutes will highlight an Iowa reserve unit.   Wife of slain Iowan Scott Nisely  joins us to talk about it.


OK,  by request....the story of the National Anthem.

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Tuesday May 22 2007


 Soccer talk.  Why soccer should be dropped from the high school level and taken back to clubs.  Silly red card rules.  Then,  how to fix the immigration problem in four easy steps.  Lots talk.

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Monday May 21 2007


Gregory McClain says some parents take their kids into adult locker rooms at fitness centers.  Not a good idea he says.   Chess master Josh Waitzkin  talks about Tai Chi Chess... yes,  the kid in "Searching for Bobby Fischer"...  in his book "Art of Learning".    Will the new Iowa Board of Regents approve armed campus-based security guards.  Bonnie Campbell says  "No" cuz guns are just way too symbolic. 

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Friday May 18 2007

The Annual Political Button Collector's Show coming up Saturday May 19th at the Quality Inn Suites Hotel in Des Moines.  Collectors John Olsen and Paul Bengstron  with the story.   Political Commentator John Lofton  remembers Rev. Jerry Falwell. Sometimes nearly fondly.   Plus, the  "Final Move Beyond Iraq"  Mike Evans tries to awaken US about Iran.  Suzy.   Then,  Congressman Steve King gives feedback about the Senate immigration bill.

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Thursday May 17 2007


Ruth Lycke  takes stroke victims to China and "Out of Darkness"....several Iowans return and report on their progress.   Dr. Jay Richards co-author of   "The Privileged Planet" tries to help his colleague at ISU with tenure.  Roy Beck from Numbers USA calls Iowans to action on the senate amnesty bill working its way toward approval.

Direct download: mickelson-2007-05-17.mp3
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Wednesday May 16 2007


Mary and Gayle Brubaker want Iowans help "champion" the cause of Alzhiemers.  800-272-3900 hotline and to help with a walk-about fall fundraiser.    440-2722.    Noah Merriil is a Quaker and just back from Jordan and living with Iraqi refugees, telling their stories.  Ed Offley says he's solved the mystery of "Scorpion Down"... a cold war era nuclear sub which went down in 1968..with an Iowan on board.  Bay Buchanan lambastes the  "Extreme Makeover of Hillary Rodham Clinton."   Lotsa unintended humor.

Direct download: mickelson-2007-05-16.mp3
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Tuesday May 15 2007  Dr. John West  from Discovery Institute comes to the support of ISU's Guillermo Gonzalez  who has been denied tenure cuz he bugs atheists. Perhaps a thoughtful letter to ISU's  President Geoffroy  is in order.  Then, Heather Cox Richardson takes us  "West From Appamattox...the Reconstruction of America after the Civil War".
Direct download: mickelson-2007-05-15.mp3
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Monday May 14 2007


Tama Assistant County Attorney Richard Vander Mey says SF  430  is on the governor's desk.  It creates "comity" between Iowa and the Meskwakies.   What does gambling money buy?   Politicians.  Newt Gingrich writes about Pearl Harbor  and talks about the cheezy way presidents are selected.  Patrick and Henry Ramage fly their whale to Iowa.   Saving the Whales.  Really.   Then,  ISU professor of astronomy Dr.Guillermo Gonzalez  has been denied tenure.  Why?  Cuz he thinks ole Earth is a "Privileged Planet"...which really offends the campus atheists.   Sigh

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Friday May 11 2007

"Retained by the People"  Daniel Farber says Americans have rights they don't know they have.   The Iowa ACLU wants to sue Urbandale for keeping drunken kids away from football games and the prom.  Ben Johnson says the ACLU also protects the rights of Jihadists,  they are part of a large open border's lobby. 

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Thursday May 10 2007


Right-lane driver discrimination, high-mileage, granny bashing.   Delicious.   Then,  Custer's last stand from the vantage point of the Lakotas.  Joseph Marshall III and "The Day the World Ended at Little Big Horn"   a Lakota history.

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Wednesday May 9 2007


Should Al Sharpton be held to the Al Sharpton standard?   Delicious.  Mark Taylor was shot at Columbine.  "I Asked, God Answered"...the Columbine Miracle.   Mt. Pleasant head cop suspended while they count the traffic tickets.  Then,  presidential candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo.

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Tuesday May 8 2007


Nicholas Hagger reveals "The Secret Founding of America" ... and he teaches us the secret handshake.   An elementary school principal requires kids to clean up their own messes.  Parents want an apology.   An the founder of Left Lane Drivers of America has a soft-path solution for left lane cloggers.

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Monday May 7 2007

 "Forty Days and Forty Nights"  Matthew Chapman writes about his great, great grandfather, Charles Darwin.   Then, Bishop Harry Jackson  says the gay rights movement has hijacked the civil rights movement and it must stop.  Then,  the taxpayers pony up to pay for gay kids who won't live at home.  PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!

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Friday May 4 2007


The Republican presidential post debate spin room is open.   The Iowa Republican hierarchy checks in to opine.  Then, Mickelson throws a Royal snit.  So does the Iowa Board of Regents...the entrance requirements for Iowa colleges have been stiffened.  A big deal?

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Thursday May 3 2007


Iowans formulate an apology for subjecting the ski mask guy to undue stress.   Then, should Iowa welcome gun-building refugee  from Illinois? 

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Wednesday May 2 2007


The verdict on the Heemstra verdict,   the verdict on the Bush veto of the funding bill,   the verdict on the new rules for qualifying for presidential debates based upon poll numbers.  And how partisan are American war opinions?

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Tuesday May 1 2007


Judie Brown talks about "Saving Those Damned Catholics".    Then IA Republican House Leader Chris Rants evaluates the results of the latest session of the legislature.

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Monday April 30 2007


"More Sex is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics"   Steven E Landsburg is the Armchair Economist.   Then, a spring nag about cyclist safety.   Then,  if you are a typical Iowan with a large  chunk 'o belly fat,  you are a candidate for the "Diabetes Solution".   CNN  wants to know why Iowans seem to have such a strong case of anti-illegal alien fever.  So, we  tell 'em.

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Friday April 27 2007


Friday open-line.  How a murdered illegal alien continues to bill Iowans,  then presidential candidate Gov Mike Huckabee makes a campaign stop.

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Thursday April 26 2007 Brad Smith  is my bug guru.  The bug season is about to begin so he gives practical tips.   Then,  the Gronstal "F-Bomb" apology, plus how the gay lobby won the big one.
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Wednesday April 25 2007


Senator Trent Lott  proxies for Senator John McCain  who is announcing today for his run for the Whitehouse.  Inside stories.   Then, a snotty flashback to Deteriorata...   Dr. Bethany Marshall  with a "Deal Breaker" ...  a high maintenance interview.   Then,  Iowa Senator Majority Leader,  Mike Gronstal  has an Imus moment  with his political base. 

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Tuesday April 24 2007  

Kathy Kastan writes "From the Heart" a woman's guide to living well with heart disease. A health-line with very useful information.  Another illegal alien commits a murder in Iowa.  The high cost of corporate and government complacency climbs.  Senator Joe Biden, running for president checks in on illegal immigration and the status of the Iraq War.  Glenn Sacks deals with the Alec Baldwin meltdown.   Spirited conversation.

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Monday April 23 2007


The "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" FAIR conference in Washington.   Access to dynamic border control experts including,  Colin Hannah  from We Need a Fence,  Chris Simcox, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps,   Mac Haddow from the Seniors Coalition working to protect Social Security against totalization,  Robert Rector with a study on education and poverty,   Jessica Echard  from Eagle Forum  and the morality of a guest worker program.   Steve Camarota reports on immigration and illegitimacy.  Then,  Iowa representative Congressman Steve King  and Senator Chuck Grassley.

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Friday April 20 2007

Fathers for Equal Rights with Dick Woods (277-8789)  joined by Steve Baskerville, PhD..."Taken into Custody"    for the upcoming Saturday Equal Parenting Rally Saturday, April 21st at the Civic Center, 3PM.     Then,  the "Shia Revival"   Vali Nasr on How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future.      Mark Taylor, Columbine survivor,  with "I Asked, God Answered"  a 6pm book-signing at Jordan Creek Barnes and Noble.   Then,  Suzy!

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Thursday April 19 2007

Rebecca Wodder from the Iowa River Project encourages Iowans to clean up our act.   Her study puts the Iowa River at the top of the worst list.    Jerry Vanstra from the Pro-life Federation of Michigan  gives the current presidential field grades on  their life votes.   Stephan Halper says it will be nearly impossible to keep Iran from achieving nuclear status.  "The Silence of the Rational Center".  Then, should we arm the security staff at Iowa's universities?

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Wednesday April 18 2007

"Thank God I had a Gun"  Chris Bird  with 2nd Amendment stories of inspiration.    Jim Lewin a historian with great stories of "How to Tell a Secret"...stories of historic sneakiness.    Then,  a religious test from the V-Tech convocation. Guess the guy's religion.... (you'll have to listen)

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Tuesday April 17 2007 Iowans respond to the Virginia Tech massacre.    Now what?
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Monday April 16 2007


Senator Sam Brownback wants to be President.  He's campaigning in Iowa.  Issues.   Then, the morality of our tax code.  WSJ piece.

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Friday April 13 2007


Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian featured at the 7th Annual Catholic Home Schooling Conference at the Columbus Academy on Saturday. Then, Imus redux.  Plus Kathleen Kennedy Townsend  says churches are mixing religion and politics .. "Failing America's Faithful"

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Thursday April 12 2007


Ebay says fertilized eggs are chicks and tells an Iowa egg herder she can't ship 'em.  Monica Blum tell the story.  Then, presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul  campaigns in Iowa.

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Wednesday April 11 2007


So,  former Dallas County Sheriff Gilbert  is going to jail for the theft of drug money.   What does it mean?  Time to change our drug laws?

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Tuesday April 10 2007


Iowa activist Ed Fallon is concerned about global warming and is inviting folks to this Saturday afternoon rally (Nollen Plaza, 4PM) during the National Day of Climate Action.    Then, what to make of the Imus moment of shame?

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Monday April 9 2007  

Daniel Sheehy  is "Fighting Immigration Anarchy",  then Osceola parents are justly outraged over a sexual predator  victimizing 23 kids.  Now what?

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Friday April 6 2007

"The N Word: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't and Why"  feisty conversation with Jabari Asim.   Open-line in two parts re: the Fair Share Act.     Plus, "Kingdom Coming:  the Rise of Christian Nationalism"   Michelle Goldberg  does her Pauline Revere..."...the Christians are Coming"!

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Thursday April 5 2007


The nice lady from the "Y" inspires the slackers...then, the 2007 "Campus Outrage Awards".. plus Kim Lehman from Iowa Right to Life exposes the next round of sex ed goals being pushed by Planned Parenthood.

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Wednesday April 4 2007


My water pusher guru Boyd Bader explains clean water...then,  lotsa nonsense from the political class...unrelenting nonsense.  Sure makes my job easy.

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Tuesday April 3 2007


Congressman Steve King  with Iowa concerns and issues.  Con Jim Nussle as a Giuliani proxy.  Then Iowans with caucus talk.

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Monday April 2 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo announces his run for the Whitehouse this morning on the Mickelson program.  Then,  Senator Joe Biden is in Iowa running for the same job. 

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Friday March 30 2007


Any Iowa connection to the tainted pet food scare?   Then,  a judge says an Iowa jury will decide the fate of those defunct touch play machines.  Wanna taint the jury?

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Thursday March 29 2007


Walid Phares writes about the "War of Ideas: Jihadism Against Democracy".   Powerful.   Then,  Chris Hedges with a polemic about "American Facists"   Who?  The Christian right.

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Wednesday March 28 2007


Clive finally gets busted for their camera based stop sign  fines.  Now what?   Iowa is about to approve of same date voter registration.   Now what?

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Tuesday March 27 2007


Dr. Jerome Corsi reports on a horrendous sex scandal  within the Texas juvenile justice system.  Who does he hold responsible?  Dan Gainor  takes aim at Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" ...lotsa open-line time too.  And here's the sound-bite of the Hardball  interview of the Vilsacks.

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Monday March 26 2007


A Monday stream o' semi-consciousness.   Then District 41 Iowa Senator David Hartsuch  is resisting the Democratic party expansion of gay civil rights.  Senate debate Monday afternoon.

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Friday March 23 2007


Chad Thompson,  "Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would"   a Fresh Christian Approach.   Congressman Tom Tancredo with a quick visit.

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Thursday March 22 2007


Professor David Eisenbach a historian of "Gay Power, an American Revolution"   Spirited conversation.  Governor Mitt Romney wants to be President.  Iowa's Deer Population and the DNR win out over property rights.   Discussion

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