Wednesday March 21 2007


Iowa war protestors,  tobacco tax avoiders, deer killers and other fine Amercians...  Lotsa great openline.

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Tuesday March 20 2007


A Des Moines woman defends her apartment in the middle of the night with deadly force.   The 911 call and Iowan's respond. Not everyone agrees.

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Monday March 19 2007


Monday open-line potluck.  And do we now have a poster boy example for  renewing Iowa's death penalty?

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Friday March 16 2007


Kevin Kelly is an Iowa tree farmer in conflict with the DNR  over property rights.  He thinks he should be able to defend his trees against marauding deer herds...with deadly force.  He's going to court Monday to defend himself against charges which could subject him to a $1500 fine.  Feedback.  Then, Suzy.

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Thursday March 15 2007

RNC Chair, Mike Duncan  talks about the upcoming supplemental budget vote on Iraq.   Minnesota Governor Gov Tim Pawlenty  is in Iowa campaigning for Senator John McCain.   That Bald Eagle recently rescued by some Iowa folks had to be put down.  Why?  Then, Fr Thomas Berg, Executive Director at Weschester Institute for Ethics & the Human PersonSix Stem Cell Facts.

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Wednesday March 14 2007


Mike Shiley traveled around Iraq and filmed a bunch of his experiences.  His documentary, "Iraq: the Untold Stories   is coming to Iowa at Central College  Monday March 19th.  He'll be here to tell some of his stories.   Michael Trachtman with the "Supremes Greatest Hits"  34 SCOTUS cases which effect our lives.    Then,  Democrats tax their constituents' vices.  Because they love them, of course.

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Tuesday March 13 2007


 "A Bee in the Mouth: Anger in America Now"  Peter Wood is as mad as "H" and isn't going to take it any more.   Then,  Ted Koppel says US will be engaged in the Middle East,   so will our children,  and our children's children.   Energy independence should be our number one priority.  How about energy sustainability?

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Monday March 12 2007


Middle school kids pop momma's drugs  which the kid brought to school.  Several hospitalized.  What does this mean

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Friday March 9 2007  

Texas Congressman Ron Paul  is running for President.    Then,  Iowa Democrats want to bill the vices of others while granting civil rights status to their own.

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Thursday March 8 2007


 "Baby Proof Your Marriage" Cathy O'Neill how to laugh more, argue less, and communicate better as your family grows.   Christeene Hayes,  The Blood Center of Iowa  and the WHO Donor Day Blood Drive.   431 East Locust Street Friday March 16th 6AM-2PM.   Ed Fallon speaks at Drake.   Then,  Iowa's gay lobby still in full-court press,  now to achieve civil rights protection.

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