Wednesday January 24 2007

Iowans respond to the State of the Union address.  Jan introduces the Mickelson Doctrine as a solution to the Iraq stalemate.

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Tuesday January 23 2007


California  Congressman Duncan Hunter writes a legislative pardon  for two convicted American border Guards.  Why?    Then, another presidential candidate, Dr. Mark Klein  talks issues.   Mickelson's brush with the law,  then listeners ID a political sound-bite....wanna try?

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Monday January 22 2007



Dr. Boyd Haley  talks about the "Toxicity of Mercury"  and its links to the autism epidemic.  He speaks tonight (Monday January 22)   Meg Oberreuter  and Barb Romkema  added a parent's perspective about testing  for toxicity.

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Friday January 19 2007

Bill Salier sits in for Jan Mickelson.   Always good.

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Thursday January 18 2007


 "The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South"  Clint Johnson.  Why the Iraqis botched the  recent hangin's  and why they should use American know how the next time.     Presidential candidate John Cox  weighs in on Bush's surge.  Then,  why when the public's support for the war is waning,  is Iowa's National Guard recruitment is up?  Dynamic feedback from Iowans.

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Wednesday January 17 2007


Gary Moore writes about "Playing With the Enemy"   back in Iowa with an encore.  Former Congressman Jim Nussle has agreed to lead the Rudy Giuliani Iowa run for the White House.   Mike Flynn  thinks the US and Iowa commitment to increasing the minimum wage is bad economics and worse sociology..   Marv Kitman writes  about "The Man Who Would Not Shut Up:  The Rise of Bill O'Reilly"

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Tuesday January 16 2007

Congressman Steve King is suing newly elected Governor Culver over violation of Iowa's Official English law.  Why?   Dr. Miriam Grossman says science is on the side of sexual discipline and marriage.  "Unprotected:  A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student"    Plus, a follow-up on Carroll, Iowa's dust-up over "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

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Monday January 15 2007


Scott Taylor is my low-carb, anti-inflamation guru.   The education gurus from Iowa  tell how constructionist wiped out Iowa's number one educational performance.   Then,  Congressman Tom Tancredo wants to move the immigration issue forward as a presidential candidate.

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Friday January 12 2007


Former Democratic candidate for Governor Ed Fallon updates us on his issues.   Chet Culver  is sworn in as the new Governor and Psychic Suzy swoops down on us.

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Thursday January 11 2007


More feedback on President Bush's Iraq surge speeach.   From the US Embassy in Baghdad,  Amb. Margaret Scobey explains the Bush goals.   Then,  Iowans give us  their own state of the war address, plus  reaction to the president's queasiness over the Saddam Hussein execution.

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