Wednesday November 28 2007


"Nearly Human : The Gorilla's Guide to Good Living"   Andrew Y Grant  talks the talk.   Then,  NBC Nightly News wants to know what Iowans really think about the immigration issue.   Joel Gilbert says "Farewell Israel"  is more than a documentary about the history of the middle east,  but the far to certain fate of Israel if we don't stop misunderstanding the nature of the conflict.  Insightful.

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Tuesday November 27 2007

 "Smoozing with Terrorists"   Aaron Klein  evaluates the Annapolis Summit.  Tom Coates  (Consumer Credit of Des Moines 287-6428) says bad debt  is swallowing up Iowa's wealth.  Then,  the cop call from hell.  Whew.

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Monday November 26 2007


Barry Libert says "We Are Smarter Than Me"...  should I be offended?     Then,  West Des Moines wants to fine  parents who allow kids to have beer parties at their house.   Good idea?


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Suzanne Lee  talks with Tom Fleming from the Rockford Institute...editor of Chronicles Magazine.

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Suzanne Lee with lotsa Turkey Day talk.

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Suzanne Lee talking about finding a cure for autism.   And the links between vaccines and autism. 

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Tuesday November 20 2007  

TV 13 political reporter Dave Price with some  insights into the presidential race in Iowa.  "Raceopoly"  a new variation on the Monopoly Games based upon the Knoxville Raceway.  Call 641-842-5431 to order.   Then Congressman Steve King on Sanctuary Iowa.

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Monday November 19 2007  

Hog stink redux.  An Iowa farmer, Jim Hansaker explains how it works.   Then,  Rev Catherine Quehl-Engel and Attorney Lorrie Chesser talk about a  faith-based Iowa immigration policy. 

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Friday November 16 2007


Fox News political reporter Carl Cameron with Iowa political campaign insights.   Then,  Iowa energy talk and what's that smell?

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Thursday November 15 2007



Brent Bozell  trys to clean up the Hillary  "Whitewash"   Presidential candidate Ron Paul  talks about the  dollar's slide.   So does historian Thomas Fleming, the Continental dollar, that is.   "The Perils of  Peace".  Great story teller.   Then why do Iowa sports programs have player behavior problems?

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