Wednesday October 31 2007

Computer security expert David Perry from Trend Micro  offers a bunch of techie advice.  Very useful.   Then,  flag folding  joins the culture war...unbelievable.   An Iowa kindergarten teacher says a picture of a kid with a dead pheasant promotes violence.  Sends picture home.  Sigh.   And Iowa is putting sales tax on Halloween pumpkins.  Don't worry, if you plan to eat them you can get an exemption form.   If you didn't know that in time,  you can still get a rebate.    And Ron Paul made the Tonight Show.   Paulists loved it.   You may have downed way too much Halloween candy when.....   Big Smile

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Tuesday October 30 2007


 Richard North Patterson, novelist, looks at "The Race"...nasty politics are icky.   Then,  a guys beats the hell out a car thief  and he's the one charged with something.   How much do illegal immigrants  REALLY cost Iowans.   Yup,  there's a study.   David Osterberg and Beth Pearson with the rest of the story.

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Monday October 29 2007


Matt SpiveyPastor Dan Berry Cornerstone Family Church  highlight the African Children's Choir  returning to Des Moines November 11"What's Love Got to Do With It?    a Harvard researcher teaches parents how to talk about "it".   John Chirban.     Then,  the 1st Annual Tribute to Veterans Career Fair.    Iowa Work Force Development.     Then,  is Governor Culver's new diversity mandate  just another affirmative action scam? 

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Friday October 26 2007



Congressman Ron Paul  with presidential issues.   Campaigning in Iowa.    Dr. Chuck Baldwin  says American Christians are gullible.   Dana Starkell is a world-class paddler and classic guitarist.    Plays purdy.     Dr. Jeffrey Zweerink  is a world class star-gazer with a  Reason to Believe. 

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Thursday October 25 2007


Mayor Rudy Giuliani  with presidential politics.   Jan Flora with a report on population explosion of Iowa's pork populations, CAFO's and sustainability.   "Steroid Nation"  ESPN  reporter Shaun Assael  takes a peek at illegal pects.  

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Wednesday October 24 2007


Yup,  Senator Dick Durbin is pushing the Dream Act  to a vote,  granting an incremental, back-door amnesty.   Again.  So,  what should Iowans do?  Call La Raza Harkin?    Paul Mero declares "The Natural Family" Manifesto.   Great for WHO listeners.  888-773-6782   Plus,  lotsa open-line.

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Tuesday October 23 2007


"Twenty-Three Minutes in Hell"... Bill Wiese  says he's been there done that.   Iowa State Senator Paul McKinley with some concerns about ethanol tax credits and Iowa education issues. 

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Monday October 22 2007

Dr. Mark Liponis  gives us a health test to guess our "Ultra-Longevity".   (I'm a'll have to take the test yourself to find out)     Richard Gamble  talks about  "The Great Tradition".. .what does it mean to be educated..   then,  is the cure to single motherhood really marriage?   Nope.

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Friday October 19 2007


Representative Wayne Ford  with some ideas on school and prison reform.  Steve Milloy  takes a shot at ethanol.  Lotsa openline.

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Thursday October 18 2007


John Perkins spills the "The Secret History of the American Empire".    Dr. Mark Moyar  is the guy who wasn't qualified to teach history at the University of Iowa...he's in the wrong party.   Plus,  Senator Harkin earmarks $500,000 for LaRaza.   Oh, good.

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