Wednesday October 17 2007


John Ratzenberger  wants to "Keep it Made in America".     Town Hall Meeting Tonight Oct 17th Hy-Vee Hall  730 Third Street... free to public.    Ames Holbrook  is "The Deporter" a former Deportation Officer who blows the whistle on US release of foreign criminals into our country.  Fierce

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Tuesday October 16 2007


Wally World is selling a Chinese-built  talking Jesus action figure.   Swell?   Betty Ahrens from I-CAN says the Bush veto of S-CHIP expansion  needs to be over-ridden.   Bruce Chapman  is another fellow talking about political bias in Iowa's university system. 

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Monday October 15 2007

Attorney Roxanne Conlin  talks about the Microsoft lawsuit settlement.  How can Iowans get bucks.   Then,  some Arkansans are still bugged  with then Governor Huckabee's  pardon of a nasty fellow. 

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Friday October 12 2007

Robert Spencer is skeptical that the call of 130 Muslim scholars  around the globe calling for "peace and understanding" is genuine.  Why? "Religion of Peace?"  Why Christianity is and Islam Isn't.    An Iowa county settled a Ragbrai related lawsuit for big bucks. And banned all future Ragbrais from their county.   Now what?   Then, Susy.

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Thursday October 11 2007


Des Moines school suspension rates are too high.  So now what.  Michael Hurley and Carie Lemack  are in Iowa to address international nuclear terrorism.    Dave Busiek from KCCI explains how they got video on the bridge junk  hurlers.

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Wednesday October 10 2007


Iowa's youth vote.   A Wall Street Journal  piece on high school kids getting extra credit for political activism.    Then,  what happened to diversity in the history department  at University of Iowa?   The score is Democrats 27Republicans 0 on the history staff.   HUGE reaction.

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Tuesday October 9 2007


Josh Dorner is the National Spokesman for Global Warming for the Sierra Club.  A report.  "Destination Iowa: getting to a Sustainable Bio-fuels Future"     Then,  lotsa open line time.  Everything from the technical meaning of "knocked-up" to Bush becoming a Universalist..

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Monday October 8 2007


From Upper Nile State Legislative AssemblyMarthi Nuyamal Choat    tells the story of southern Sudan and why there are so many Sudanese Iowans.    Then,  what's a sniper to do when he's busted?   Great conversation.   Columbus Day?   Some uncomfortable history  for Columbus bashers.

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Friday October 5 2007

Marcus Luttrell  was the "Lone Survivor"  of the lost heroes of Seal Team 10.   Oh my gosh...what a story.   Congressman Steve King with S-CHIP redux.  Congressman Tom Tancredo  in Iowa supporting a constitutional amendment to protect marriage.

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Thursday October 4 2007


Lotsa open-line conversation...  Mike Duncan  from the Republican National Committee  defends Bush veto of the S-CHIP  funding.   Senator Grassley  says the veto was unjustified.

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