Wednesday September 19 2007


Pornography ain't a big deal, says Debbie Nathan.   Bill Dane  says the open borders people are back again with another end around amnesty.   "I got tazed by the campus police and all I got was this stinkin' T-shirt".   "Don't Taze Me, Bro!"  Bob McCarty.   And bail out Iowa flood victims?  What would Grover do? 

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Tuesday September 18 2007


Alan Keyes  is running for President again.  Rob Montz  with a Hillary Care response.  Then,  the Vietnam War Memorial is vandalized.  An Iowan with a report.  Jonathan Narcisse was elected to the Des Moines School Board.   We can almost hear sweat breaking out.

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Monday Septebmer 17 2007


Frank Miniter  with "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting".    Bambi is out to get us.  What to do?  Then,  is eating too much corn on the cob  really gluttony?   Plus, more on the 14th Amendment scam.

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Friday September 14 2007


Dr. Michael McGregor  is a dental artist. A health line for the mouth.    "Omnivore's Dilemma"  Iowa's corn makes us the center of the food universe. Michaell Pollan   Then, Mayor Rudy Giuliani  Republican front-runner with issues.   Then,  Suzy!

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Thursday September 13 2007



 Jim Wallis is in Iowa speaking for Iowans for Sensible Priorities,  on "God's Politics".     Then, require motorcyclists to wear helmets?  Then, Charlie Savage with "Takeover: the Return at the Imperial Presidency".

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Wednesday September  12 2007


Bill Salier  is organizing a petition drive to call for the impeachment of a lawless Iowa judge  who legislated from the bench..   Father Frank Bognanno says gay marriage is an oxy-moron.  Then,  Iowa country singer Jason Brown.  Purdy tunes.

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Tuesday September 11 2007
911 Day sounds to remember.   Then,  David Bellavia.   "House to House".   A much decorated American soldier with a powerful story of intensity and heroism.  You MUST listen.  Please.
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Monday September 10 2007

Senator John McCain and Senator Fred Thompson with issues.   The term "sex offender"  is offensive.  And the real culprits in Iowa's brush with gay marriage are Governor Culver and Senator Mike Gronstal.   Why?    BTW,   the LA Times featured WHO Radio and Mickelson's program.

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Friday September 7 2007


Ed Fallon sits in for Mickelson.  Global warming? Eminent Domain.

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Thursday September 6 2007


Steve Plim sits in for Mickelson.   Lotsa nostalgia.

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