Friday February 15 2008


Blessman Medical Ministries is  looking for Iowans who would like to take a mission trip to South Africa.    Then,  a report on a great literacy project at George Washington Carver Elementary school.  Alfred Regnery  takes us "Upstream"  with a look at recent American conservative history.   Then,  should Iowa hide our ethanol stickers  at the gas pump to bump sales? 

Extra!    Some folks have asked for additional information about Iowa's math and literacy slide.   A couple of places with explanations  and solutions.

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Thursday February 14 2008



Stewart Iverson is the new head of the Iowa Republican Party.   He wants to pump you up.   Ed Fallon wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.  Q&A.   Jerome Corsi  says Senator John McCain isn't really a political maverick conservative.   Corsi says McCain is just bought and paid GEORGE SOROS?    Huh?    The story.

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Wednesday February 13 2008



Frederick Kaufman cough's  up the short history of the "American Stomach"... his book blows chunks...or was that Cotton Mather?      Jonathan Narcisse with a diversity plan update.  "This Glorious Struggle"...Edward Lengel  reads Washington's mail.   Senator Paul McKinley says just when you thought they couldn't mess up Iowa's educational establishment any more,  it gets worse.   Then,  former Congresswoman Susan Molinari says Iowa's railroads are workin' just fine.   Don't mess with 'em.

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Tuesday February 12 2008


Dr. Stephanie Anestis says she can tell you alot about your T-Factor....just be lookin' at how long your ring finger is...  you're gonna hafta listen to find out if you're normal... :)    Then,   Scotty Taylor talks about inflamation and diet.   Coping with the cold in Iowa.   Chatter

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Monday February 11 2008



Lester Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute, says we need another energy future.   "Plan B 3.0"   is his new plan to mobilize to save civilization.   Justin LaVan gives us a NICHE update on legislative home school issues.   Lotsa great openline.

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Friday February 8 2008


Chuck Coppes  says the currency sky is falling.   "American's Financial Reckoning Day".  800-775-6396     The Iowa Board of Regents  "Expelled"    Iowa State University astronomy Professor Guillermo Gonzalez.   Chuck HurleyCasey Luskin,  Mark Mathis express what needs to be expressed.   OUTRAGE.    Congressman Steve King  with an update.

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Thursday February 7 2008



 Bill Higgins from ING Direct  talks about the sub-prime crisis and the short term future of housing.    Then,  Dobson nukes McCain...and says he'll vote for Romney... who quits.   Iowa Regents fire Professor Gonzales....without comment.    I have plenty though

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Wednesday February 6 2008

Mark Lynas with "Six Degrees Could Change the World"... upcoming National Geographic special on global warming.  Iowa digging out of the blizzard,  while Iowa politicians plan to bury us in new spending.   Lotsa great conversation.


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Tuesday February 5 2008



Senator Paul McKinley says Iowa's education slide is going to get worse if new math standards are implemented.  Feedback.  Then,  Mickelson  apologizes to Bill Clinton.  Yup.

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Monday February 4 2008



Bill Jepsen with "Iowa's Automobiles"  515-432-8807.   Great Stories.     Dr. David Saggau,  an ophthalmologist from Wolf Clinic, with a treatment for AMD (wet age-related macular degeneration)    Then,  Culver dips into OPM   for votes.   Feds want their money back.  Selfish B*#$SRDS.  

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