Friday March 14 2008


National media finally catching up on the Obama radical issue.  For mature listeners only. Powerful.   Then, Suzy.

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Thursday March 13 2008


A basketball abridged Mickelson in the Morning...  Dr. Kevin Leman with "Have a New Kid by Friday"...quick tips to fix the kid... plus summarizing Iowa's proposed tobacco ban in 17.3 seconds. Spirited.

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Wednesday March 12 2008

Iowa State Auditor David Vaudt says Iowa's credit card is maxed out.   Why?   Dr. Jerome Corsi says global warming is a scam in search of globaloney.   Iowa loses a huge defense contract.  George Landrith cries foul. 

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Tuesday March 11 2008



Ed Fallon is running against Congressman Boswell for the Democratic seat.    Congressman King says some spirited stuff about Obama.    He takes the heat.  Then I find out what kinda gun I am.  


Opps... fixed.    BTW,   the comments weren't made by Obama's pastor,  but by Farahkan's once right-hand man.

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Monday March 10 2008


Senator David Harsuch  is worried that Iowa may be importing Oregon's physician-assisted euthanasia through the back door.   It's called  the POLST Paradigm.   Then, the guy runnin' the college says the main purpose of high school isn't to get kids ready for's main purpose is social.   No, really....and it's only Monday.

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Friday March 7 2008



Talk about everything from chin-ups, ditch weed, hemp and Congressman Steve King's  re-election.  Not necessarily in that order.

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Thursday March 6 2008



Iowa House Minority Leader Chris Rants  gives the Republican minority report during funnel week.   Issues.    Then,  lotsa great openline.      'Nuther Day O Silence comes to Iowa.  Swell

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Wednesday March 5 2008



John Lofton takes a look the life and times of William F Buckley...spirited snotty insights.   And what would Jesus say about the capital gains tax?    No,  really.  

Here's the link to the Cactus Cuties.   WOW!        And the  Piebald Deer.....

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Tuesday March 4 2008


Iowa Democrats again block Iowa voters from deciding same sex marriage issue.

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Monday March 3 2008




"The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us"  John Wohlstetter.   Plus,  lotsa openline. 

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