Thursday April 10 2008



Nancy Redd describes the first act of "Body Drama" a body manual for females...then, local ramblings...Gordon Livingston says  "Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart ...Thirty True Things You Need to Know.. Now"   then,  more ramblin's... let's invent a composite PC cliche victim... let's say a gay, illegal alien guy who is a victim of domestic abuse who decides to open an illegal taco stand....ya can't make up this stuff.

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Wednesday April 9 2008


Jacob Weisberg describes "The Bush Tragedy" for better or worse.  Then the rights of tobacco users go up in smoke.   Lotsa snotty reaction to our new nanny state...and a positive response to the new law.

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Tuesday April 8 2008



Stephen Leeb  says  $100 is bad...$200 dollar oil will be worse.  "The Coming Economic Collapse"... Paul Chesser says Iowa has signed onto an agreement with the Center for Climate Strategies which is a front group for global warming zealots. 

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Monday April 7 2008


Tommy Thompson tells of the state-wide TV series "Iowa Sports Heroes"  Mary Roach displays her moral cleavage in "Bonk"..Mark Steyn says the west is demographically impaired..."America Alone".    Congressman Steve King explains the positive judicial ruling enforcing Iowa's Official English Law.    Andrea Farrier worries the Iowa Department of Education is about to de-fund Iowa's home school support system.

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Friday April 4 2008



An opps.   Trapped in a stolen car?  Ultimate fighting evil?  Steve King  wins the argument over English voter registration.   Iowa roads are shot...more money?  An Iowa coyote is  rescued and under repair.   Why?  Lotsa openline.

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Thursday April 3 2008


Farm ponds, Iowa fisheries, and other vagabond farms.   Then,   John Godwin  (opps) from the Humane Society  wants to make it a felony to watch a dog fight.  Good idea? 

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Wednesday April 2 2008



A three thousand year old story explains why "good" people do "bad" things.   David Berlinski   "The Devil's Delusion"  and a supporter of Ben Stein's  "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"...and the upcoming Iowa premier.

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Tuesday April 1 2008


 Lindsey Williams says we are again in the middle of an "Energy Non-Crisis"   Then,  Iowa has a shedding problem...with poachers.   Sometimes  shedders get busted and fined.   Sometimes they get death threats.  The story is amazing.

A follow-up...  the wanted poster has been removed and shedders blog about the story.

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