Friday June 27 2008



Congressman Steve King  weighs the results of some SCOTUS decisions.   National Taxpayers Union takes a poke at ethanol.   Srdja Trifkovic ponders the "Dream Ticket"  and sees a nightmare.   He examines the Soros-McCain connection.

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Thursday June 26 2008



KJ Dell'Antonia  helps babies "Begin Smart"  with a new reading series.   Curmudgeon, John Lofton,  takes apart the political theology of Obama.  Weather beats us up a while.   Then,  Senator Chuck Grassley  on ethanol mandates.  SCOTUS affirms the 2nd Amendment.

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Wednesday June 25 2008



Ed Vos stays after school to tell of his Afghanistan experience.   Iowa is under a cloud...of mosquitos.    Dr. Patricia Quinlisk describes the health risks associated with our flood bugs.   Then slob bikers are at it again...sigh

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Tuesday June 24 2008

Raging crows,  Jane Fonda nearly makes sense,  Glenn Sacks against the Single Mother by Choice movement.  Did I mention Jane Fonda nearly makes sense?

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Monday June 23 2008


Glen Kertz says he can grow ethanol from algae which can meet our entire thirst for oil... David Barton blows the whistle on judicial activism and same gender marriage.  IPTV techie Bill Hayes talks about the new digital TV standards and what we'll need to comply.  Stephen Halbrook  talks about the "Founders' Second Amendment"  and the upcoming DC decision.

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Friday June 20 2008



Dr. Michael McGregor from Briarwood Dental  cures my morning mouth.   Brian Kennedy from Energy Research Institute deals with off-shore drilling myths and facts.   The bird sounds of Iowa...beautiful..."Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America"...Ted Floyd  takes us birding.   Dr. Dennis Neder on "Being a Man in a Woman's World"....really... 

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Jan's Briarwood Experience


Warning:   this blog contains more information than anyone really needs plus close-ups of Mickelson's private parts.  :)

Mickelson was nominated for the Nobel prize for his dedication to science.   He donated his body to science,  but science refused delivery.  


My Briarwood Dental experience with Dr. Michael McGregor  has been completed.   His goal  was to correct a lifetime of typical dental issues and a misaligned bite.   The way its used to look...     the way it looks now.    No filings,  no gold or silver crowns,   no mercury fillings,  no chipped teeth...nothing discolored or stained.   Perfect. 

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Thursday June 19 2008 HTML clipboard


Mark Mueller thinks he's got a gadget which can kill flood stink in homes.   AirFantastic Technology.  Then,  guess who's against drilling for oil...good guess.    Christopher Tennant  with guidelines for people with too much money.  "The Official Filthy Rich Handbook".    Then, some Cedar Rapids citizens are still shut out of their homes... and  are annoyed.

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Wednesday June 18 2008



J. Craig Williams,  fair-weather Iowan,  describes "How to Get Sued"  and other high-toned notions.   Then from  Casey Luskin  from Discovery Institute describes how Louisiana passed a law giving  science teachers academic freedom.  Should Iowa?   Then,   Iowa is asking for a waiver from FEMA to relieve us from contributing to disaster relief.   Good idea? 

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Tuesday June 17 2008


 John McWhorter says it's "All About the Beat",   why hip-hop can't save Black America.   Vendo wars...I win.   Bridgette Gabriel  say radical Islam is bringing hate to a town near you...teaching violence and intolerance to the next generation.   Jamilah Frasor from FEMA with instructions on how to apply for assistance.  800-621-FEMA (3362)

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