Monday June 16 2008



Lotsa openline time....flood talk...police powers in Cedar Rapids. ...flood safety...Russert, Obama and Iowa.  

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Friday June 13 2008



Brooks Hansen tells his family's story dealing with infertility and international adoption. The Brotherhood of Joseph.   Iowa House Minority Leader, Chris Rants' blog is bilingual despite Iowa's Official English law.  Citizen's arrest.  Flood and weather coverage. Global warming?  The Accuweather guy  says, "Nope."    We meet Ray Lewis the singer of the world's snottiest song.    Then,  Suzi. 

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Thursday June 12 2008


Dave Rosenak says our grandkids will those of us who have been "Running Amok"    Amity Shlaes says we should remember "The Fogotten Man"  and not let the next political class return us to previous failed remedies.   Then Max Schultz clears up a bunch of energy myths.   And global warming activists blame the Iowa boy scout tornado tragedy on man-made climate change.   

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Wednesday June 11 2008



The only way to make the floods of 2008 more bearable?  Talk about "Legendary Motorcycles"...Basem Wasef.   Lotsa fun.   Then,  amidst flood coverage,   Daniel Flynn with "A Conservative History of the American Left"...  who dunnit?   and why?   More flood safety talk.

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Tuesday  June 10 2008




"A World of Wealth"...Thomas Donlan talks about the world of money and politics.  We fix everything that's busted.   Plus,  grease wars  and a touch of Lincoln bashing.

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Monday June 9 2008



Flood water everywhere...stories, remedies and lotsa talk. Water has taken out an Iowa landmark...the suspension bridge in Charles City.  Dang.    Then, Richard Louv is coming to speak in Iowa... ""Last Child in the Woods"...  is on a mission to re-acquaint the next generation with the out-doors.

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Friday June 6 2008  


Robert Scheer  with "The Pornography of Power" without pictures....darn.   Post tornado warning ponderings.  "Marriage: the Dream that Refuses to Die"  no matter how hard we try... Shelia Ambrose-O'Connor.   Plus,  the world's snottiest song.   Then,  fuel rustlers are out there.

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Thursday June 5 2008

Lotsa openline... what is too young to allow kids to use a BB gun?  A family feud.  The,  former Iraqi,  now Iowan, Julliet Cunnigham and Iowa Marine Ben Hayden, founder of Vets for Freedom,  support our Iraq mission.    Then,  why does Obama's rhetoric resonate with his follower?.   The answer.

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Wednesday June 4 2008


The Des Moines School Board clipped Jonathan Narcisse's  term.  Big surprise, huh?   Steve Winzenburg hits a home-run with "Employers, meet 'entitlement' Grads."    Are drivers slowing down to save gas?   Peggy Post with "A Wedding Like No Other".    Then, a  case of delayed trophy syndrome at Dowling. 

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Tuesday June 3 2008


 Michaelene Fredenburg, founder of Abortion Changes You Outreach, explains her personal story in "Changed".     Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren with a political update...says Democratic Party Hillary supporters are livid about how Hillary was treated.   Iowan, Dr. Caroline Crocker, cellular biologist,  was also "expelled" by radical Darwinists.   She tells the story.    Plus,  last minute politics on primary day.

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