Thursday August 7 2008


Iowa Concrete Association tossed out the traditional opening block of cement at the Fair.   Is power walking  really gay?   Congressman Tom Latham  with issues.   Mathew Padilla with the Chain of Wall Strreet caused the mortgage and credit crisis.   Jim Hawkins recruiting for Professional Educators in Iowa. 

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Wednesday August 6 2008



 Lawrence Solomon talks about "The Deniers" ,  scientists who stood up the global warming hysteria.  Plus, the Whirlpool-Matag economic tragedy continues...pulling the plug on retirees health care.   Then,  a great T-shirt... Bob McCarty with "Bipolar Bear Disorder".    Congressman Steve King on the energy debate.   Then,  'nuther Postville shoe falls. 

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Tuesday August 5 2008



Brain expert,  Dr. Scott Swarzwelder,  talks about what drugs do to your head.  "Buzzed"   Then,  why are we giving schools resource officers cars to drive back and forth to work?   Better question:  "Why are there resource officers at all?"    Then,  it's a conspiracy...  so many of them we need a guide to the "Web of Conspiracy".    James Broderick.

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Monday August 4 1008


Dr. Robert Zubrin with an encore visit on "Energy Victory"... highlighting an upcoming conference, Citizens for Energy Freedom  in Des Moines this September.  (WHOOPS... during this segment,   I report on an inaccurate news story which attributes a critical commentary against Obama's fundraising history to NYT columnist Maureen Dowd.  It was a bogus story... from a  usually reliable source.)    Then,  a vigorous discussion on courts and the rights of juries after a story about a judicial aside from the bench.   Here's the Citizen's Handbook.

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Friday August 1 2008


Sarah James from the Alaska Wilderness Society  is spiritually bonded with the  porcupine caribou and wants to stay that way.   No drilling for oil in her sacred hunting lands.   Lotsa energy talk.

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