Wednesday September 17 2008


John Fund with an update on "Stealing Elections"  and update on our fraud-friendly system.    Then,   stolen horse tails  provoke a great conversation on up-coming animal rights legislation.

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Tuesday September 16 2008



A shooting on I-235 brings some questions and some interesting stories.   Then,  what about a third party candidate?   Ready for one?

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Monday September 15 2008


Banks fail....why?  DSM School board wants to censor whom?   The Palin-Gibson interview reaction.   Lotsa energy.

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Friday September 12 2008


Dr. Michael McGregor makes a house call to our mouths...  then in search of the perfect smell...then Suzy.

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Thursday September 11 2008


Christopher Fettweis says "Losing Hurts twice as Bad"...describing moving beyond Iraq... combat vets talk about post-tramatic stress issues.   Powerful.   Benjamin Taylor  is performing in Iowa.   Purdy music.

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Wednesday September 10 2008


Paul Lockhart introduces us to the "Drillmaster of Valley Forge"...then election feedback,   plus telemarketing cures.

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Tuesday September 9 2008


"Eat This, Not That"...  Matt Goulding knows.    Kim Schmett  wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.   Then,  a foster care parent loses her own child...  why?

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Monday September 8 2008



 Richard Vander Mey,   Assistant County Attorney for Tama County...more ironies from the cheap seats.... and more tax payer dollars going to the Meskwaki tribe.    Dr. Linda Young  tells how to deal with cyber bullying....lessons for parents.   Steve Flood with a get out the vote visit.   School Board Polling Places for Polk County.   Updated list....Then,  The Gay Agenda

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Friday September 5 2008


Incumbent Des Moines School Board members up for re-election.  Dick Murphy, Ginny Strong,  and Jeanette Woods.   Spirited.

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Thursday September 4 2008


Bill Tancer  goes "Click"...  an internet guru with some great marketing insight.   Then,   post-Palin speech reaction.   Iowans evaluate "the speech".

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