Friday October 17 2008


Amy and Adams  sing purdy for us....blues-grass.   Iowans get robo calls.  Offended?   Philip Berg  is suing...he wants Obama to prove he's a natural born American.    Ken Blackwell  the Acorn scandal  in Ohio gets worse.  And a new Iowa grassroots organization to restore the Constitution and real money.   Then,  the Campaign for Liberty.  Organizing in Iowa.

And the Fact-Check response.

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Thursday October 16 2008


Lotsa post debate Iowa reaction...should people who qualify for Obama's tax cut be allowed to vote... :)

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Wednesday October 15 2008


Jonathan Fast  describes "Ceremonial Violence:  a psychological explanation of school shootings" ...then, more on Iowa election issues.  Harkin closes the barn door.

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Tuesday October 14 2008


Nick Tasler  gives us insight into "The Impulse Factor"'s in the genes...:)    Ed Begley Jr. wants to bring solar power to third world folks to liberate them from subsistence cooking.   Marientta Miller-Meeks  is running for congress in Iowa's 2nd district.

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Monday October 13 2008



Congressman Tom Latham...another look at the bailout money slide.  Another look at Iowa's smoking regs.   Then,  Dr. David Hartsuch responds to a McCain snub while in Iowa.


Then,  an October Surpise?  A video about Obama's birth certificate.  OMG!

And the Fact-Check response.

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Friday October 10 2008

Stephen Mansfield looks at "The Faith of Barack Obama"   Chuck Norris,  practices some "Black Belt Patriotism"  on the bailout and Washington.   Alan Karmin from RADAR says Senator Joe Biden's Violence Against Woman Act has had some painful and expensive consequences.   Rev. Thomas Euteneuer  takes on Sean Hannity  and Senator Tom Harkin.   Oh.. here's that  Saturday Night Live bit on the Washington-Wallstreet SNAFU.

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Thursday October 9 2008


Robert Zubrin says don't forget energy's role in the Wall Street collapse....Christopher Reed  wants Harkin's job.   Jerry Corsi has to buy his way out of Kenya for investigating after getting "busted" for looking into Obama's history.

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Wednesday October 8 2008

Col Richard Klass and Col William Hauser in town for the Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation.   Strong conversation.  Sol Stern makes the Bill Ayres-Obama connection  for Manhattan Institute.   What's Bill Ayres  up to now?    Then,   Chris Pirillo  back in Iowa with geek talk...

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Tuesday October 7 2008


John Lofton with pithy observations about the bailout and Palin.   Then,  "Lives Per Gallon"  Terry Tamminen...drives a hydrogen car.  Congressman Steve King  with post bailout conversation.   Jonathan Narcisse...two sets of books on school violence?  Why?  $

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Monday October 6 2008


Danny Carroll  wants his old legislative job back.  Issues.    Congressman Tom Latham  wants to keep his job,  voted against bailout.   Issues.   Rep Chris Rants rolls out the Republican legislative agenda.  Issues.

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