Christmas Eve stories and music of the season...some silly,  some profound.  I hope you enjoy it.  Merry Christmas

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 Smart Ass,  the board game inventor, Bob Moog says Iowans are over-qualified to play.   Jeff Traviss with Digital TV conversion advice.  Great Stuff!

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Iowa Democrats which to bump the drop-out age for Iowa students to 18 years old.  Good idea?   Some powerful response.   Rich Noyes from the Media Research Center    with this year's Notable Quotable Awards.   

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Playin' a game for Xmas..."Wits and Wagers"... then, Chris Rants sounds the alarm on the impending Iowa budget shortfalls...lotsa stuff.

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Missouri is gonna legalize margarine...big mistake.   Then,  why is the gay lobby blasting Obama?   Yain't gonna buleave ut.    Ponzi?  History.  Delicious.

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 John Lofton  asks a couple of snotty questions.   Where is "it" in the Constitution?   Where is "it" in the Bible?  A new guy is Sec of Education.  What's he like?  Marcus Winters from Manhattan Institute gives us a peaking into Arne Duncan.  Then,  Gov. Tom Vilsack is the new US Ag Secretary.  Good idea?  

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"We Hate the USA"  Paul Shanklin.  Maestro of political snottiness.   Then,  Senator Harkin to the rescue of the auto industry.

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Thomas E. Woods  with "Meltdown",   and "Who Killed the Constitution?"  ...   a fiscal whodunit.    Then,  "Tell Me What to Eat if I Have Diabetes"  by  Elaine Magee.   Then the nanny state hits Iowa snowmobiling.

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Professor Thomas Dilorenzo,  "Hamilton's Curse"... says we've been fighting banking and money hustlers from day one.  Great stuff!   The UAW and US Senate lock horns on a bailout,  the person formerly known as the nearly Psychic Suzy hobbles in.

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George Bush waxes theological,  the auto bail out proceeds,   Dr. Jerome Corsi  ruminates upon Chicago politics and Iowa used to have a bunch of "poor houses"...more in the future?

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