Tuesday January 15 2008

The first day of the Iowa legislative session is off an running... sort of.    Governor Culver's complete State of the State Address...sorry.   Then,  speech feedback.

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Monday January 14 2008


So, what about the twins, separated at birth, who meet, fall in love....get married.    A wonderful mess.   Judge busted up the marriage.   Right decision?  Bunch of great conversation.

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Friday January 11 2008  


Lotsa openline.   Obama redux.   Spirited.    Chuck HurleyRev. Monte Knudson, Rev Dan Berry, Rev Mike Kelstrom join forces to protect the family.   LET US VOTE!    Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday January 10 2008 Lotsa meaning of life traffic conversation.  Silly.  Then juvenile justice is juvenile.   And how about Iowa test scores?
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Wednesday January 9 2008



So,  what's the truth about Obama's church?  Kyle-Anne Shiver  Obama's Alinsky Jujitsu.  Oh,  in case you are still having warm fuzzies about that Islam thing?   Here's what they tell themselves.   Jennifer Roback Morse  says the US population explosion amongst single moms has been misunderstood.   "Smart Sex" is safer and better.   More conversation.

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Tuesday January 8 2008

Obama fever?   Will it last?  What's the substance?     Dr. Stephen  Baskerville  says while we're worried about gay marriage,  real marriages are really at risk.  Powerful.   Lotsa great conversation.

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Monday January 7 2008


Larry Winget says "You're Broke Because You Want to Be"   .    Chad Thompson advocates "Loving Homosexuals Like Jesus Did".     Plus,  here's the Hawkins homeschool family video.   (play Cletus take the reel too...a hoot)

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Friday January 4 2008

Iowa Caucus feedback.   Odds and Ends.   A great NYT column by Brooks.   Silly?    How cold was it?

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Thursday January 3 2008


Bruce Braley for EdwardsSenator McCain.  Senator Chris Dodd.  Gordon Fischer  for Obama.  Dave Contarino  for Governor Richardson. Congressman Ron Paul,  with Judge Roy Moore.    Newt Gingrich with caucus talk.   And Huckabee does Leno.    The Iowa Caucus blues.

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Wednesday January 2 2008



Angela Anderson from WGIR Manchester, NH talks about the steop after Iowa.   Bay Buchannan proxies for Mitt Romney.   Governor David Beasley proxies for Governor Huckabee.   Former Iowa Congressman Berkley Bedell proxies for Obama.   Alan Keyes speaks for himself.  Steve Murphy for Governor  Bill Richardson.  Senator Joe Biden.  Congressman Steve King for Senator Fred Thompson.

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