Wednesday October 8 2008

Col Richard Klass and Col William Hauser in town for the Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation.   Strong conversation.  Sol Stern makes the Bill Ayres-Obama connection  for Manhattan Institute.   What's Bill Ayres  up to now?    Then,   Chris Pirillo  back in Iowa with geek talk...

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Tuesday October 7 2008


John Lofton with pithy observations about the bailout and Palin.   Then,  "Lives Per Gallon"  Terry Tamminen...drives a hydrogen car.  Congressman Steve King  with post bailout conversation.   Jonathan Narcisse...two sets of books on school violence?  Why?  $

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Monday October 6 2008


Danny Carroll  wants his old legislative job back.  Issues.    Congressman Tom Latham  wants to keep his job,  voted against bailout.   Issues.   Rep Chris Rants rolls out the Republican legislative agenda.  Issues.

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Friday October 3 2008



Post Palin-Biden VP debate feedback.  Fact-Check.  Lotsa great comments.

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Thursday October 2 2008


State Senator David Hartsuch  is running for congress against Congressman Bruce Braley.   Issues.    Andrew Snow  is worried about global warming.    Brad O'Leary and "The Audacity of Deceit"  hammers Barack Obama.

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Wednesday October 1 2008


Ken Blackwell worries about voter fraud and Acorn.   Ed Fallon doesn't trust the "bailout" either.    "And American Carole"   is opening this weekend in Iowa.   Bears in Iowa?   Oh, my! 

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Tuesday September 30 2008

Congressman Steve King on the bailout vote.  Why, "No".   Then,   smoker's revenge... Sen Brad Zaun,  Sen Paul McKinleyTom CoatesTodd Shanno and Norman Kjono with a round table on revising Iowa's smoking ban. 

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Monday September 29 2008


More bailout feedback.  Anybody in favor?  Anybody?  No, seriously...anybody?

 Editor note...  file association is messed..  workin' on it..  sorry.

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Sunday September 28 2008

The debate topic was ,  "Should gay rights prevail over Biblical sexual ethics?"    Sunday night,  September 29th, 2008 at ISU.       Hector Avalos,  Professor of Religious Studies at ISU and Jan Mickelson.   Dr. Avalos takes the affirmative.      (Editor's note...  the sound quality is very mixed...Dr. Avalos ended up with a clip mike,   Mickelson with a hand held after his clip mike failed...  the line had a hum,  plus the sound levels were erratic)   

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Friday September 26 2008


The crisis on Wall Street and Washington continues.  Stu Iverson,  Chris Rants,  and Steve King,  check in with comment....lots open line, too.

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