Congressman Steve King with a flurry of huge issues.   Vigorous.    Border issues expert Jim Gilchrist talks about the reasons for travel restrictions to parts of Mexico.  Sobering.   Lotsa open-line.

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"Intelligence and How to Get It"  Richard Nisbett says IQ isn't fixed and not can be improved.  How?     Harley Schlanger,  bureau chief for the Executive Intelligence Review deals with the banking mess.    Iowa has a team of it's own ghostbusters...CAPT... the Carroll Area Paranormal Team chases stuff which goes "bump" in the night.   And an update from Brad O'Leary on the "Audacity of Deceit"...the first few weeks of the Obamanation. 

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Democrats calls it the Nationwide Popular Vote Bill,     Republicans call it the "Iowa Voter Irrelevancy Act"   Senator  Randy Feenstra explains why Iowans shouldn't vote away it's electoral college birthright.   Then,  the feds shut down the sale of ATVs cuz there might be some lead paint on 'em which a kid may lick and die.   Oh,  good.    Even effects some local toy makers. 

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Pat Buchanan  says the real cause of the economy collapse is the imbalance of trade.  Then,  answering listener email.  Are court decisions law?   We are basing a bunch of education expenditures based upon that silly notion.  Lotsa great conversation.

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Lotsa open-line time.  An update on the Iowa National Guard story about the Arcadia training episode.   Then what's causing garage door openers to fail?  Plus silly stuff.   And the hands-free phone gadget I was talkin' about.

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Answering a great listener email.  Then,  taxpayers are paying the salary of  the head of a local AFSME officer and paying the rent.   Rep Erik Helland  and  Rep Chris Hagenow  blow the whistle.   Chuck Larson back to Iowa from his assignment as Ambassador to Latvia.

Then,  the Acadia story reaction begins...  a YouTube video reaction.  Fascinating.


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Andrew Bridge tells about Hope's Boy a memoir about being caught up in a dysfunctional foster care program.   Dan Pilla,  Tax Freedom Institute, with insight into the tax implications of foreclosures.   Thomas Woods describes what caused the "Meltdown".    Then Des Moines cops do a fundraiser on out-of-towners.  As the economy dropsticket numbers increase.

Then,  a close look at holes.

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 John Stauffer  with Giants: the parallel lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.   Great conversation.   Then,  an Iowa National Guard activates my paranoia gland.   Gonna take over an Iowa town.

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School drop-outs way up.   Why?  Jonathan Narcisse  with powerful conservation...and wisdom from callers.   Then, Michael Maloney with his "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver"    Money talk.

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Lotsa economic open-line time.  Controversy over aid to Palestinian refugees... did the Obama administration entitle refugee status to Palestinians?  Conflicting stories.   Then,  what's being done to the dollar?  Rep. Dan Burton.  The Chinese say they hate us...why? 

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