Lotsa openline... everything from the Fairness Doctrine to gun legislation.  Rep Baudler explains.   Iowa Democrats are  trying to dump the electoral college.   Then TV 13  is dropping their analog signal early.  GM Dale Woods explains.   Then,  Suzy.

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How about updated rail passenger service in Iowa?  Andrew Snow is lobbying for it.   Congressman Steve King talks about the stimulus package.  Tax attorney Bruce Baker explains HF 181...says it only effects a small tax change for duplexes...no big whoop.   Then,  Rep Lance Hornbach lobbies against prevailing wages proposals by big labor.    Ira Mehlman  from FAIR says the stimulus package doesn't prevent illegals from benefiting. 

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The fellow says that after careful consideration,   he's up for "Re-carving Rushmore".... Ivan Eland  re-rates the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity and Liberty.   Great stuff.    Professor Michael Behe says Darwin wouldn't have celebrated Darwin Day.   Then,  a new piece of legislation  wants to change Iowa tax law to convert any condo with more than four units into "commercial" property and tax them accordingly.  BOOM!

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Bill Salier  with a modest counter-proposal to the Obama bailout plan.  The language of entitlement...then,  Benson Bobrick  says the best general of the Civil War is unknown.  General George Thomas was the Master of War.   Lotsa open-line conversation about the octuplet mom, too.

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Iowa is pondering a dove hunting season.  Mark Markarian  from the Humane Society thinks it's a bad idea.   Iowans respond.    Then, my sister Sonja Bates, who runs post abortion Bible studies for women is joined by Kim Lehman from Iowa Right to Life.    A prayer ceremony at the Iowa  State Capitol.    Cliff Kincaid   from Accuracy in Media  says the political is trying to make another end run round the US Constitution....again. 

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Gillian McKeith  has a  "Food Bible".   From IPTV  Bill Hayes tries to untie the knots in the digital conversion snafu.   Senator Paul McKinley says Iowa's budget is another fine mess.

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"A Slobbering Love Affair"  with Bernie Golberg...media bias in the last election cycle.  Congressman Ron Paul  with an update.   Then,  money talk.   From whence it came.

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Paul Tough say when it comes to educational distress,  it's time to do "Whatever it Takes".   Plus,  what's in Iowa's 1.5 Billion dollar stimulus package?   Then,   this one will sneak up on ya.   (Large video file, but worth it)   And something special for the guy who wants to legalize pot and decriminalize drugs.

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Ed Fallon comes over to assert the desirability of same sex marriage in Iowa.   Vigorous discussion.

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Winterfest 2009  with the County Conservation Board  people.   Tom Hazelton  brings in a bunch of County Conservation experts.  

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