Richard Weissbourd talks about  The Parents We Mean to Be...the Harvard guy makes some sense.    Joe Lucas says we shouldn't give up on the idea of clean coal for power in Iowa.   Ed Failor from  Iowans for Tax Relief  wants Iowa government budgets to be transparent,   and doesn't like Governor Culver's I-Jobs idea.    Then,  Senator Grassley suggests AIG executives fall on their own swords.   Spirted.

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 Jamie Glazov  talks about the Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror...United in Hate.   (email) Then, Sandy Powers says organic foods helped her recover from cancer.  (email)   Then,  Senator Paul McKinley   (email)  looks at what slipped through the funnel this session and Governor Culver's I-Jobs Initiative.

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Mandy Carter, founding board member of the National Black Justice Coalition, along with other concerned black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gendered people looking for a marriage license.  Ed Fallon is heading the Iowa tour.   Then,  Matt Strawn,  Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party of Iowa, dealing with economy and labor issues.

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Former congressional candidate and Iowa businessman Mike Whalen talks about the world of money and politics.   Then,  talk about Atalissa's  Henry's Turkey Service case.  Were those retarded men  Exploited?    Iowans have  mixed opinions.   Then,  what a cute video,  for no extra charge. (right click, and save as, to view)

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 Jeri Corsi  says,  "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"...  the North American Agenda is back, stronger than ever.   Then,  a thorough explanation of the 14th Amendment scam.

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Stuart  Brown  talks about "Play"  and how it shapes the brain, opens the  imagination and invigorates the soul.   Really.   Then,  Rush experiences the Howard Dean doctrine.  

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Harkin raises the hog stink issue to a new level.  Des Moines school board member Jonathan Narcisse says the school district doesn't need to lay off teachers....counter proposals... like termination of  social bussing.  A lopsided poll which agrees.  Lotsa response.

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 Stay Rich for Life...Ed Slott...retirement tax accountant with recommendations for turbulent money times.   Now the Chinese are counterfeiting our collectible coinsSusan Headley  , she's worth a bucket o' ducats ... :)

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James Datri  from the American Advertising Federation talks about the future of advertising during an economic downturn.   Bill Glynn with a humdinger rant on the economy.   Robert StoufferChuck Hurley and Rev. Keith Ratliff are starting an inner-city school...Joshua Christian Academy.   call Got-Josh.   

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Should teachers be allowed to teach competing views to origin theories?  Professor Hector Avalos  (email) says "No"... Casey Luskin   (email) says "Yes".  Spirited debate.    Frosty Woolridge  worries that our uncontrolled borders will turn the US into a third world mess.   Medical Examiner Gregory Schmunk  has found a way to get the stink out of his office.  Mark Mueller,  with Air Fantasitc.

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