Casey Anderson takes on on "Expedition Grizzly"...bear stories... then, swine flu related stories.  Robert Murphy says most of what we were taught about the Great Depression was bull-hockey. "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal".


We found the source of the Swine Flu!


AND the new version of  the American Gothic

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Kid fixer,  Judy Hintz  with more stories of inspiration.   Always an attitude enhancer.   Steven Raichlen inspires with "The Barbecue Bible"....he has a BBQ contest goin'...lookin' for Iowa specialties.  Then,   what did educators know in 1889 that we have forgotten?


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Andrew Snow describes the new passenger rail service coming to Iowa.    Con Ron Paul  takes after swine flu and the Fed.   Et Tu Chuck?    Then,  Emergency...Neil Strauss  is prepared.

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Ed Thomas  is a fitness expert... fun to talk to and by which to be inspired.   Should the Knoxville Vets Hospital remain open?  Don Zuttee  from the Iowa Veterans Task Force,  makes the case.   Then,  how did the gay lobby win in Iowa?   Propaganda works.  Here's how.   And a great local video on "The Impact of Homosexuality on a Family".... Powerful. 

Editor's note:   Columnist Mark Hansen did a great commentary on the gay lobby win segment.   It has drawn a bunch of comments.  Some of you may wish to play  :)    Have at it.  

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 Congressman Steve King  talks about the judge's war against Iowa.   Rear Admiral Michael Franken comes home to Iowa for Navy Week.   Then total silliness with Suzy.

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Professor Herb Titus  with a review of the law, the Constitution, the courts and same gender marriage.   Betsy Taylor  gives the Obama administration an environmental review.    Peter Labarbera  takes on Perez Hilton's  hate crimes against Miss California.

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Can waste go green?  Tony Colosimo wants to get Artistic about it.  Bob Vander Platts continues to push Gov Culver on the same gender issue.  Senator Merlin Bartz gets up a petition drive.  Then Iowans talk about courts and power.

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Iowa is again trying to rewrite its sex offender laws...and asking all the wrong questions...again.  Plus,  Iowa Senator Merlin Bartz wants Iowans to petition county recorders about marriage licenses for same gender applicants.  Here 'tis.

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Ever wonder what happened in Massachusetts when it's courts said ok to gay marriage?  Brian Camenker  from Mass Resistance has been keeping track.   Unintended humor in news coverage of prison numbers.  Then,  Dr Allan Hamilton (a horse whisperer) tells about "The Scalpel and the Soul"...great story teller.

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There is no way to describe this...   but here's the Massachusett's gay rights effect document. Lotsa spirited open-line Friday.    You'll never be able to look at a T-bagger again without a smirk.

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