William Murchinson  describes the "Mortal Follies"  of Episcopalians...  then lotsa chatter... more people invite us get on the guilt bus to Postville.     And guess who the Methodists are bringing to dinner?
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 'Nuther casino in Polk County?   Developers think there's a market.   Bob Vander Platts running for governor taking a strong position on marriage and gender issues.   Jack Ellis  blasts the proposed Hate Crimes legislation.

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Bill Parker takes us into the "Agency Game"...what government work is really like.   More media hype coming out of Postville.  And what percentage of us are slobs?   Dr. Curtis Rimmerman,  cardiologist,  on Heart Attacks.

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Random Knight say we can be "Illegally Thin" with a magic pill...what's the skinny?    Then, do you think  gambling money  should be used to subsidize religious organizations?   (See page 14)  Me neither.

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Republican activist Doug Gross talks politics and legal theory...(incomplete program...computer crashed...sorry)


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Brian "Peskie" Peskin  is back with a health-line update on EFA's and diet.     Dr. Merrill Matthews says our national health care impulse won't work...unsustainable.    Then,  'nuther biker gets pummeled.  

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Rep Kraig PaulsenRepublican House Leader,  evaluates the ups and downs of the last session.  Then,  when it comes to illegal immigration,  ignorance is a great excuse.

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Ian Millhiser from the Federal Rights Project  wants the new SCOTUS nominee to be an activist for his cause.   Spirited.   Then,  a debate over the right to carry... with the president of Iowa Carry,   Shawn McClanahan  locks it up with Johnson County Sheriff, Lonny Pulkrabek

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Lotsa openline... more on the new Iowa State motto.  Disney lets bears starve.  And does Jesus endorse torture?   And it's only Monday.


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Neil  Oliver with some "Amazing Tales" of men and character.  Some diagnostic words...then the soup Nazis come to Iowa.


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