Dave Funk wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.  Issues.  Jerri Corsi decries "America for Sale".  Intense.   David Vaudt ... warned about a potential billion dollar shortfall in the Iowa budget.   Yup...it's here.

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Joel Silverman, Good Dog U,  and author of What Color of Your Dog?  Coming to the Pet Expo.  Brannon Howse coming to Iowa for a Worldview Weekend.    Bill Federer with delicious history of the US and Islam.   "What Every American Needs to Know about the Qu'ran"   Fantastic conversation.

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ChildVoice International (Conrad Mandsager)  with an amazing story of terror and redemption... a Dowling High School student (Clare Roth)  travels to Uganda and works with refugees...including Charles Opiro...kidnapped at 10 years old and forced into terrorism.  Powerful.    Then,  what's the first thing budget cutters always lop off first?  Yup...police and fire.  

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Ed Failor from Iowans for Tax Relief with some budget ideas for Iowa.   Iowans respond to Obama's call for an end to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" on gays in the military. 

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Celebrating Columbus Day...no really...  challenging the politically correct glop served up by the guvmit re-ejucasion camps.   Any other ways to save money for the DSM school district?

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Chad Thompson helps blow the whistle on Obama's "Safe School Czar"...another hustle by the gay lobby.   AFSME gets thrown under the bus.  Pat Carmack money historian..."The Money Masters"...incredible stuff.   Congressman Steve King with an issues update...vigorous.   Suzy.

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Colin Hanna encourages Congressman Leonard Boswell to support his own bill.  H.R. 544 would require the posting of non-emergency bills for 72 hours before final votes.  Iowa revenue has collapsed and took down the budget... about 415 million dollars. Now what?   Dr. Cara Natterson address the question, Dangerous or Safe? on vaccine safety.  Vigorous.

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The Brits are considering a drinker's license...should Iowa? Vigorous.   Should government act as parent or act like a judge?  Other choices?  Money and debt?

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Donald Miller coming to town goin' A Million Miles in a Thousand Years"  at the Temple for Performing Arts October 11.  Tickets?   Rep Christopher Rants evaluates the mess at home...Aviva USA,  the Iowa Film Office,  and HAVA....a toxic brew of corruption.   G.A. Bradshaw talks to Elephants on the Edge...to the heart and soul of critters.

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Lotsa Monday open-line time.   Democrats find no controlling legal authority to send stolen money back to Aviva USA..   Surprised? 

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