So should the politicians who received stolen money from the pervs who ripped off Aviva give back the money?   Do traffic stops make us safer?   And do medical privacy practices put the public at risk?   Vigorous.

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An openline...spritied conversation ....the theology of vandalism.

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Dr Sherri Tenpenny warns against the current use of the flu vaccine for pregnant women and young children.  Then, Dr. Boyd Haley,  Senator David Hartsuch, Sonya Swan, Ilene Dannemann and Dana Halverson...join in with an Iowa perspective on the flu vaccine.  Spirited

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Dr Sethu Reddy on a health-line, "The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Diabetes"...Debra Ollivier on "What French Women Know"...Journalist Steve Bell remembers Vietnam and the media.   Plus, another needless death caused by a fleeing scumbag. 

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Pamela Redmond Satran demonstrates "How Not to Act Old"...  funny.   Craig Chilton says you can make buck delivering vehicles...800-247-6553.   Then,  the guy who hits and kills a biker still has his license.   Why?   Spirited.  And, when it comes to traffic,  are less rules safer than more?

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Deborah Tannen "You Were Always Mom's Favorite! Sisters."   Then,   Grassley and Obama at odds over mandatory health insurance...  HR Gross remembered.


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Joe Seehusen wants to warn Iowans against bringing in stop sign and speed cams.    Then,  Iowans can't even run a school lunch program.  Sigh.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources with tremendous success stories.  Jonathan Narcisse thinks he can clean up the education mess in Iowa.   Con Steve King  with good news from the front.

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Matt Culp, from Friends of Rice Field says they want to keep their green space permanently.  Iowa Live evaluates the decline of Iowa's education cartel.   Then,   IPERS is going GM on us...will the taxpayers pony up?  

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 Michael Reagan in town to stump for Republicans.  Spirited.  Then, "The Maker's Diet" Jordan Rubin eats dirt...spread the word...  :)

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