Steve Forbes describes "How Capitalism Will Save Us"...then home-schoolers respond to the headline, "Should Iowa pay millions for home schools?"

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"The 'I' Diet" Susan Roberts with some ideas... Jonathan Narcisse wants to be Iowa governor....ideas...   Week in review...then,  Suzie.

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Wanna find out how many ways humans get scammed?  Then "Priceless" William Poundstone is a great place to start.    Then,  "Have a New Husband by Friday"  Dr. Kevin Leman has a delivery service.  Plus,  sorting out the hell in Haiti....Pat Robertson lobs a grenade.

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Danny Carroll  lobbies for marriage for the IFPC and calls people to action.  Eloquent.   Larry Winget says "Your Kids Are Your Own (Dang) Fault"...  then Brad and Ted Klontz it's to "Mind Over Money" a sample of Godly Intolerance...(transmitter blew up during the last few minutes of program...sorry)


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I was invited to speak recently at the Grace Church men's group,  MUGS..Men Under Grace...   The topic,  "Godly Intolerance"...  Here's the rest of the speech.

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Jeff Traviss from Traviss Audio-Video with post-Christmas techie talk.  State of State Address...then,  a little Amish envy.

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Congressman Steve King...reacts to da nuss....issues.   Christopher Reed wants to be congressman too.    Then,  AIDs in Iowa is on the increase.  Guess why?  You're  wrong.

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What about those full body scanners at the airport.  Necessary?   Dave Funk, congressional candidate and former airline pilot and security expert,  with the rest of the story.    Then,  Iowa's continuing homeless saga continues.  David Burrier from Hope Ministries with the rest of the story.'s the what happened to Detroit story.

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Ed Thomas expert talks to us about the kids.  Then,  Iowa teachers think about stuff.  Plus,  full body scans at the airport?  Iowans ready for that?

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Post-game glowing,  GPS questions, winter mechanical issues and carping about the 2010 Census scam.

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