Jonathan Krohn takes a crack at "Defining Conservatism"... Larry Pratt and Aaron Dorr want us to be very careful with upcoming "Shall Carry" away too much power to the political class.. one of topics was the charge that some medical professionals are getting involved in the gun issue.  Here are a couple of stories. In their own words.  Then Suzie. 

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Brenna Findley wants to be Iowa Attorney General.   Issues.  Impressive.  Sean McClanahan from Iowa Carry is trying to advance a shall issue law through the legislature.

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Dems say they can't deal with the marriage issue cuz they are too busy creating jobs...OK then.    Sen Paul McKinley explains politics in this session. 

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Intercollegiate Studies Institute American Civic Literacy Program...issues a civics test to bunch of college kids...results?  Grim.   Not a cliche', the more college,  the less the students know about the American system.  Take the quiz.   Let me know how you do.  Dr. Warren Throckmorton with more info on the Uganda anti-homosexuality legislation.  Plus,  the Iowa legislature has an Oprah moment and passes another law.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources brings hope to kids with autism.  A bunch of parents tell of their experiences.   Then an activist against domestic violence misses the point.  Plus more on home-schooling. Andrea Farrier

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David Dow writes "The Autobiography of an Execution" ...vigorous.    Zogby says union leadership is out of sink (sync) with the membership on the immigration issue.  James Edwards from Numbers USA explains.   Then, another case of "zero tolerance" being silly...

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 Sonya Heitshusen,  TV 13 reporter takes a look at travel costs of Des Moines politicians.    Christopher Rants gives up the score..  Republican cost saving proposals..  14...   Democrats' approval?  Zero.   Gayle Haggard explains why she stayed with Ted after the scandal hit the fan. 

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Ruth Lycke and  David Mair from China Connection talk about medical breakthroughs in China.    Then,  Catholics get ripped off again by predators within. And are ripping off the rest of us too.  

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The homage to Iowa's chief union boss deconstructed.   Then,  Iowa's Privileged Class,  gets $1.47 to every $1.00 the rest of us get.   WHAZZUPWITHTHAT?

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Is the new senator from Massachusetts really the "savior of the Republican Party"?    More census malarkey.   Then, are pro-lifers hypocrites for not supporting the guy who murdered the abortionist?

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