Mariannette Miller-Meeks running for congress in the 2nd District.  An introduction and issues.  What could be the grounds of an appeal in the Becker case?  How about a fully informed jury?   The 1828 dictionary jury definition.  Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan says "Hush".

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Barb and Gary Rosberg are into Strengthening Military Marriages & Families in Iowa...upcoming seminar for outgoing Iowa troops.   Sen David Hartsuch says before we take away 2nd Amendment rights...even for a good cause...without some checks and balances.   Then the Guthrie Center shop teacher gets suspended without pay.  We talk with Dale Halferty.

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Monday open-line...300 Des Moines teachers will get the axe.  Who won't?   Follow-up on the Wiccan idol being built in shop class...the teacher gets suspended.  Sigh.  Candidate for State Treasurer Dave Jamison wants the job.  Why?   The judge in the Becker case gets snotty with the jury...zat ok?

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