Steve Rathje wants to be congressman.  Aaron Price produced a documentary, "Gas Odyssey"...and thinks natural gas is our nation's answer to future energy demands.   Ed Failor worries about another conflict of interest case.   Bob Vander Platts favors the Arizona immigration law.  Issues

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Lauren Fix is the Car talk..seasonal care care tips.  A nice note from Corvair enthusiasts...13 things a guy need in his car...  Mommy Power with Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman... R. Emmett Tyrrell describes After the conservatives can find the road to recovery....and Governor Culver talks to MSNBC about Iowa.   Issues.

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Judy Hintz with more inspirational stories of kid repair...Educational Resources...225-8513.   Obama in Iowa touts 25 tax cuts for Iowans...  Curtis Dubay describes what they were.   Obama also lists his immigration reform points.  Iowans evaluate.

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 Margo Thorning warns that Obama's cap and trade scam will be very costly to Iowans.   Congressman Tom Latham ...issues...   Emmett McGroarty say Iowa's Core Curriculum is rotten.   Then,  what's the real reason Franklin Graham got bounced from the National Day of Prayer...

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Senator Harkin wants a bail-out for Iowa schools.  Good idea?  David Brannon says the Violence Against Women Act contains an immigration time bomb...scary story.  Congressman Steve King takes issue with a proposed VAT...

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Dream interpretation...Jesse Kern takes a stab at it...metaphysically speaking.  Then John Barron with an Aussie look at Iowa's caucuses..."First Stop, Iowa"... Suzie.

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 Jonathan Merritt says we can be "Green Like God"  on Earth Day.  Randy Frost deals with OCD...Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things....Frank Calzon is in Iowa to lobby us for support of The Center for a Free Cuba and freedom for Cubans.

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89 year old lady makes us proud by defending herself at the front door.  Casey Luskin says it's strange how some people react to the notion that they have a purpose.  David Ray Griffn is the grand pooh bah of truthers.  Jim Hawkins is bringing Rachael's Challenge to Iowa.

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 Scott Batcher also wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job...issues.    The Culver administration says we won't really be damaged by  the early retirement of 2000 state we believe him?  Of  course...they wouldn't lie about a thing like that.  Then,  shouldn't Iowans have a better remedy for dealing with professional provocateurs?   We useta.

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Mike Paine is an animal control expert...bats, raccoons, moles, groundhogs...etc.  Animal talk.  Michael Trachtman ...Philadelphia lawyer with The Four Mistakes....then testy political rhetoric between Clinton and Limbaugh...what does it mean?

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